District Pinewood Derby

March 23rd, 2019

Location: Park Hill Christian Church, 6601 NW 72nd St, Kansas City, MO 64151

Check-in from 8:00-9:00am, racing starts at 9:00am.

The District Pinewood Derby is open to the winners of each Den. The registration fee is $6.00 per racer. Rules for the event are posted below. 

Northern Lights District Pinewood Derby
Rules and Regulations:

1.  Cars are to be built by the Scout, with assistance from an adult.

2.  A new car is to be built and raced every year.

3.  The car’s wood, axles, and wheels must come from the official BSA Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit. Additional materials may be used to complete the car.

4.  Only official BSA wheels and axles may be used. “Razor” style wheels are prohibited.

5.  Wheel treads and hubs may be polished to remove burrs and manufacturing flaws, but their measurements must remain original.  The tread width, wheel diameter, and hub diameter are not to be altered. Sanding a ridge or point on the tread or in the hub is not allowed.

6.  The following may not be used in conjunction with the wheels or axles: Washers, inserts, sleeves, bushings, or bearings.

7.  Only dry lubricant is allowed. Liquid lubricants and oils are prohibited.

8.  The overall length of the car may not exceed 7 inches. The overall length includes decorations or weights attached to the front or back of the car.

9.  The original axle slots must remain at 4 3/8 inches from each other. The end of the car cannot exceed 1 ¾ inches from the axle.

10.  The width of the car may not exceed 2 ¾ inches. The overall width includes decoration or weights attached to the sides of the car.

11.  Car weight may not exceed 5.00 ounces, as weighed by race officials at check-in.

12.  Any solid material may be used for weight (lead, tungsten, copper, steel, etc.), but it must be permanently attached and stationary on the car.  Moving, sliding, or spring-loaded weights are not allowed.  Liquid weights, including mercury, are absolutely not allowed!

13.  Cars are to be propelled by gravity alone.

14.  A scout must be present at his race in order to compete.  Only the scout may give his car to the race officials for weigh-in and registration.

15.  Once the car is weighed and registered it may not be touched by anyone other than race officials, unless a part falls-off.  If that happens, the scout and an adult may re-attach the part. The car must be approved by race officials before it is allowed to race again.

16.  In the event a car interferes with another car during a race, the race will be re-run.  If it happens again, the car will be disqualified.

17.  One representative from each unit may compete in each rank class. Classes are as follows: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, 
Webelos. Racing will take place by rank only--male and female racers will compete in the same race for each rank class. 

18.  The top 4 place winners from each class will advance to the Grand Championship Finals.

19.  Racing procedures will be solely determined by race officials and will be consistent and fair for all racers at all levels. All decisions by the race officials are final and binding. 

20.  Scouts and spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Have fun and good luck racing!!!