Brick Huffman
Chief Quiet Standing Rock

Brick Huffman


Tom-Tom Beater1981
Keeper of the Sacred Bundle1983

On July 22, 2018 Brick Huffman became the Chief of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.  Brick is the fourth tribesman to wear all seven colors of paint on his claws and is the first Chief to wear all seven colors of paint.

Brick is an Eagle Scout from Troop 111, in Belton, MO, and a graduate of Missouri State University.

Brick is a 30-year professional scouter. He started his Scouting career as District Executive at the Hawkeye Area Council in Cedar Rapids, IA. He moved on to become the District Director and later Assistant Scout Executive with the Central Minnesota Council, St. Cloud, MN. Brick was promoted to Director of Finance for the St. Louis Area Council and then to Director of Field Service of Heart of America Council. He then assumed the role of Scout Executive of the Golden Spread Council, Amarillo, TX. Brick then joined the Central Region team as an Area Director for Area 5. Most recently he was serving as Scout Executive of the South Florida Council, Miami, FL.

Brick and his wife, Marti, have a daughter and a Boy Scout son.