Ranks & Responsibilities

There are two ranks in Micosay: Braves and Warriors / Honored Women. The two divisions of Warriors are Hardway Warriors and Honorary Warriors. Hardway Warriors entered Micosay before their 18th birthday, whereas Honorary Warriors and Honored Women entered Micosay after their 18th birthday.

There are three categories of paint responsibilities: Working Paint for the Hardway Warriors, the Tribal Council, and the Council of Chieftains.

Working Paint for the Hardway Warriors and the order in which they are earned is as follows:

Firebuilder -- Orange Paint. Their responsibility is to build and tend all fires upon the altars of Friendship and Warmth, that we may have light for ceremonies.


Firebuilder Claws

Tom-Tom Beater -- Green Paint. They beat the drums that send forth the call that will bring members to ceremony, as well as beat the drums for the Dance of Joy.

Tom Tom Beater Claws

Runner -- Blue Paint. They serve as messengers and escorts. It is their job to make sure the candidates get where they are going, when they are supposed to be there.

Runner Claws

Keeper of the Sacred Bundle -- Yellow Paint. It is their duty to keep the Customs and Traditions of Micosay.

KSB Claws

Shaman -- Purple Paint. Their duty is to aid the Tribal Council and in doing so, prepare themselves for this future responsibility. Orientation for first year campers is also their responsibility.

Shaman Claws

The Tribal Council is as follows:

Tribal Council -- White Paint. One is first called as a Sachem, then Keeper of the Wampum, Sagamore, and Medicine Man. They all wear White Paint. Sagmores and Medicine Men also serve on the SheSheBe Council. It is their responsibility to carry out and endorse the policies of the Council of Chieftains.

Tribal Council - Hardway Warrior Tribal Council - Honorary Warrior

The Council of Chieftains is as follows:

The Council is composed of Chiefs and Chieftains. They all wear Red Paint and a necklace of 24 eagle claws. It is their duty to establish the policies of Micosay. The Directing Chief directs the activities of Micosay and the Presiding Chieftain presides at Ceremonials and Chieftain meetings for his particular Chieftainship of twelve months.

Tribal Council - Hardway Warrior Chieftain - Honorary Warrior