Heartland Tree Alliance Academy Flyer

Scouts will earn the Forestry Merit Badge and earn 3 community service hours.

Each scout will be planting a mix of 2-gallon and bare-root tree seedlings.
Participating Life Scouts will satisfy their rank requirement of 3 conservation hours.

A certificate will be issued to each Scout completing the Academy.

NOTE: Trees will have been purchased/ordered for each participating Scout. It is important that registered Scouts arrive and participate in the Academy.

This Academy is available to all Scouts BSA, Webelos, and Family.

October 12, 2019 (Rain Date of October 19, 2019)

Cross Creek Park in Overland Park, Kansas (10801 Indian Creek Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66213)

8:30 am - Registration Open
9:00 am - Rotating educational stations
10:45 am - Tree planting demonstration
11:00 am - Tree planting activity
12:30 pm - Program Wrap Up

QUESTIONS?  Contact Lynn Houston at Lynn.Houston8@gmail.com or (816) 885-7682.

Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. on August 9, 2019!!! Stay tuned!!!



Stay tuned for 2020 information coming soon....

This event is a participant registration (there is no unit registration), so be prepared to enter each participant individually (first name, last name, district, unit #, participants address, emergency contact name, phone number and the merit badge that Scout wants to attend).

Earn all the requirements for American Heritage or Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge and tour the Truman Library and Museum.


  • Cost: $10.00 (non-refundable or non-transferable)
  • Time:  8:00 am to 1:30 pm  (small snack will be provided)
  • Place: Harry S Truman Library
                  500 West US Highway 24
                  Independence, Missouri
  • Class "A" Uniform Required

Prerequisites for Citizenship in the Nation

Here are the requirements that need to be done prior to the Truman Library Merit Badge Forum:

  • Requirement 3:
    • Watch the evening news five days in a row OR read the front page of a major daily newspaper five days in a row. Be ready to discuss in class the national issues about which you learned.
  • Requirement 6:
    • Choose a speech of national historical importance, find out about its author and be ready to tell about the person who wrote the speech along with the importance of the speech in your class.
  • Requirement 8:
    • Write a letter about a national issue to send to one of the elected officials you previously identified.  Bring a copy of the letter to class for discussion and any responses you might have received.

In addition, read the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge book.

Prerequisites for American Heritage 

Here are the requirements that need to be done prior to the Truman Library Merit Badge Forum:

  • Requirement 1:
    • Rewrite the section of the Declaration of Independence stated in the requirement and be prepared to share and discuss in class.
  • Requirement 3a:
    • Select a topic currently in the news and be prepared to discuss in class.  You will need to know what is happening, and how these events today are related to or affected by the events and values of America's past.
  • Requirement 3b:
    • Be prepared to discuss all items listed.
  • Requirement 3c:
    • Research your family's history and be prepared to discuss how various events and situations in American history affected your family.
  • Requirement 4a:
    • Know what is meant by the National Register of Historic Places and identify at least two of these sites in your neighborhood, hometown or the entire Kansas City metro area.  Be able to locate these sites on a map of the metro area.
  • Requirement 4b:
    • Research the Battle of Westport and be prepared to discuss both the Union and the Confederate sides of the battle.


Merit Badge Forum Requirements

The Merit Badge program is a fundamental aspect of the scouting advancement and recognition program. It is both acceptable and desirable for Merit Badge instruction to be taught in a group setting. As such, Merit Badge Forums provide excellent opportunities for Scouts to be introduced to a larger number of merit badges than they might not have available to them in their unit. Many Merit Badge Forums also provide opportunities for Scouts to earn more than one merit badge over the course of the Forum.  Additionally, units may attend these events outside of their own district or even in a special setting (such as the Truman Presidency Library or the World War I Memorial).
In order to provide safe, informative and economical settings where HOAC Scouts can take full advantage of these events, the following recommendations for Council Merit Badge Forums are submitted to the full HOAC Advancement Committee for review, comment and adoption:
  1. Use of merit badge forums as fundraisers:
    1. All event hosts must follow the guidelines set forth in Section in the 2015 BSA Guide to Advancement:
      1. Merit badge fairs should not be presented as fundraisers.
      2. Any fees charged should be limited to recovering the costs related to presenting the opportunity.
    2. Using merit badge forums as fundraisers is discouraged and Councils may exercise their authority not to approve them. (From Section in the 2015 BSA Guide to Advancement).
  2. Class size:
    1. Should be dictated by the merit badge topic and the counselor however no more than 20 participants per counselor.  BSA Guide to Advancement is adamant about small class sizes to maintain personal contact.
    2. Class sizes should be set so that ALL participants have the opportunity to “discuss” and “demonstrate” items as noted in the merit badge requirements.
  3. Merit Badge Offerings: “Because of the importance of individual attention and personal learning in the merit badge program, group instruction should be focused on those scenarios where the benefits are compelling.” (Guide to Advancement Special care should be made by the sponsoring organization to ensure that the group instruction is appropriate for the merit badges being offered.
  4. Merit badge counselor certification:
    1. ALL merit badge counselors at merit badge forums must be registered members of BSA and be trained as merit badge counselors.
    2. ALL merit badge counselors must have a current merit badge counselor registration.  Re-registration happens at charter time (requires a new application with “code 42”).
    3. It is highly recommended that all counselors at merit badge forums have a designated backup who is also a registered member of BSA.
  5. Youth protection:
    1. If e-mails for notifications or pre-requisites are required to be sent directly to the Scouts, no “one-on-one” emails are allowed. All e-mails sent to Scouts must be CC’ed to another BSA registered adult on all conversations.  This also applies to all social media forums.  Another adult leader (registered with the BSA) should be copied on any electronic communication between any adult and Scout.
    2. The group that is organizing the merit badge forum is responsible to insure that two-deep leadership is always present in every group and sub-group through the entire event.