District Realignment

New District Names Revealed

District Realignment

As we look ahead towards the future of Scouting in the Heart of America Council, it's crucial that we continue to evolve, adapt and review the way Scouting is delivered across the nineteen counties we serve. Above all, our council is committed to creating the best possible Scouting experience for our youth, volunteers and staff.

Over the past few months a team of volunteers and staff have been reviewing the alignment of our districts and the optimal path forward when it comes to delivering our programs in the most effective way possible. Coupled with challenges created by the ongoing pandemic, our task force determined that it is no longer feasible to maintain staffing levels and district boundaries at their current levels.

After careful review and input from our volunteers and staff, we have made the strategic decision to realign and combine some of our Scouting districts. The decision was not an easy one, but one that was made out of necessity to ensure that Scouting continues to thrive with outstanding programming and exceptional unit service across Kansas City.   

While the number communities we serve remains unchanged, the new realignment will reduce the number of Heart of America Council districts from 15 to 10. The new structure is effective immediately and we've included the new council map, along with the new and/or combined district names.



  • Kaw and Shawnee Trails merge to form new Kaw District
  • High Trail and Pioneer trails merge to form new Three Trails District
  • Golden Eagle, Northern Lights and northern Big Muddy merge to form new North Star District
  • Pelathe and western Twin Rivers merge to form new Pelathe District
  • Soaring Eagle and eastern Twin Rivers merge to form new Soaring Eagle District
  • Blue Elk and southern Big Muddy merge to form new Blue Elk District
  • Lone Bear District adds Higginsville, Waverly and Concordia


  • Iron Horse District
  • Spirit Trail District
  • Frontier District

Our district professional staff has already been in constant communication with their volunteer staffs and are eager to continue the excellence of Kansas City Scouting. While some district names may change, the quality of our local programs will remain. Thank you for your dedication to Scouting in the Heart of America Council.