The following tribesmen will be remembered at the Memorial Ceremony during the 2020 Tribal Celebration. The list is current as of August 6, 2019.


James Cowley   Keeper of the Wampum Lone Cherokee
Neil Crews   Warrior Swift Flying Phoenix
Timothy Gene Elliott   Warrior Coral Flame
Donald Allen Ferguson   Firebuilder Morning Bird
John Joseph Ficcadenti   Warrior Taling Meek Cloud
Brandon Wayne Guilfoyle-Pace   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Son Of White Fire Eagle
Richard Harris   Warrior Little Sleeping Moon
Ralph Housman   Firebuilder Angry Charging Buffalo
Kenneth Foley Huston   Warrior Shining Silver Rock
Edwin B McBurney   Warrior Old Ram Of The Mountains
Bill McMullen   Warrior Elder Quick Hunting Silver Fox
Pat Nash   Brave Little Early Morning Light
Robert Wayne Payne   Firebuilder Blazing White Ember
Stanley S Pearson   Warrior Deep White Water
Loren Prange   Warrior Gray Running Coyote
Frank Reaves   Brave Little True Heart
John Charles Reppert   Runner Makes Tepees Safe
Scott Richart   Warrior Lone Circling Thunder Eagle
Charles Adolf Schoettlin   Warrior High Falcon
James Sheppard   Warrior Flashing Red Light
James Shick   Brave Hunting Nighthawk
Sonya S Smith   Honored Woman Princess Spirit Fire
Steven Staires   Firebuilder Little Guiding Spirit
David Alois Studnicka   Tom-Tom Beater Soaring Falcon Son Of Turning Wings
John Wright Tyrrell   Tom-Tom Beater Brother Of Hazy Blue Star
Anthony E Valenti   Shaman Little Swift Moving Hands
Sean Michael Walsh   Brave Wandering Black Hawk
Wilbur John Weight   Warrior Silent Stalking Red Panther
Carl Whitacre   Warrior Soft Word