Deceased Tribesmen

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The following tribesmen will be remembered at the Memorial Ceremony during the 2016 Tribal Celebration. The list is current as of July 1, 2015.


Charles Allmon   Firebuilder Little Calling Coon
Jason A Arkin   Firebuilder Moonlit Trail
Phillip R Balano   Warrior Sparkling Diamond Rock
Earl Lee Carson   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Flaming Horse
Timothy P Cates Jr   Tom-Tom Beater Swift Rising Wounded Bear
Lawrence Cipolla   Warrior Big Golden Twig
James Riley Comstock   Warrior Mighty Elk Son Of The Living Word
Gary Cornelius   Warrior Bear From Four Rivers
Fred A Dick   Warrior Silver Metallic Eagle
Hiram P Gensler Jr   Sachem Silent Rock
James Henry Gilliland   Warrior Rippling River
Ronald Graef   Firebuilder Little Silent Power
Lawrence Harris   Sachem Sleeping Moon
Willis E Heal   Keeper of the Wampum Strong Rock
Jesse E Hearn   Warrior Sleeping War Hawk
Richard Holding   Warrior Strong Lion
Andrew L Huffman   Tom-Tom Beater Second Son Of Swift Swimming Brown Beaver
William Kendall   Warrior Two Flying Crows
Donald Lake   Warrior Great Tall Green Pin Oak
Roger L Lapp   Brave Friendly Breeze
Gary Dean Logan   Brave Falling Sun
Robert Masters   Sachem Least Leaping Cricket
David L Norman   Warrior Little Running White Rabbit
Richard Novorr   Warrior Sleek Gliding Hawk
Frank M O'Bara   Warrior Little Swift Heavy Hand
James Patterson   Warrior Great Swift Silent Redtailed Hawk
Ronald Poush   Warrior Man Who Sees Quail Walking
Kenneth L Scott   Warrior Great Streaking White Star
Steve Weiner   Warrior Big Swift Soaring Silent Eagle