Deceased Tribesmen

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The following tribesmen will be remembered at the Memorial Ceremony during the 2018 Tribal Celebration. The list is current as of November 21, 2017.


Mark Aaron   Warrior Little Big Spinning Black Cloud
James Adam   Brave Distant Flame
Patrick Anderson   Warrior Sleek Running Stallion
Raymond Andes   Warrior Crystal Clear Running Water
Francis Bales   Warrior Stalking Wisdom Giver
Garth Bare   Warrior Young Quiet Whispering Red Willow
Douglas A Bentrop   Sachem Father Of Eagle With Guardian Spirit
James Bergner   Runner Small Swift Whistling Black Hawk
James Biggs   Warrior Little Keen Eyed Hawk
Joseph Blackburn   Warrior White Earth
Larry Borgman   Warrior Gay Brown Whippoorwill
James Brackhahn   Sachem Sheltering White Oak
Michael Brocato   Tom-Tom Beater Little Black Thundering Cloud
Ronald D Brown   Warrior Thundering Timber Wolf
Robert Burwell   Warrior Little Soft Calling Whippoorwill
Valeree S Carroll   Honored Woman Song Of Swift Hummingbird
Mason Clouse   Warrior Climbing Bear
Timothy James Delano Combs   Warrior Fiery Gray Wolf
James D. Craig   Runner Little Streak Of Lightning
Jerry Davis   Warrior Least Flashing Silver Wings
Charles H Elias   Warrior Winkey Whale
Duard W Enoch Jr   Warrior Star Between The Oaks
Donald A Fakhoury   Warrior Mighty Healing Gamoosa
David Felling   Warrior Silver Eagle On High Cliff
Peter A Foster   Shaman Brother Of Low Swift Hummingbird
Glen Green   Firebuilder Little Puff Wagon
Carl Hatfield   Warrior Flaming Red Crooked Branch
Raymond Sidney Hawks   Warrior Slender White Oak
Arthur Hopfinger   Warrior Bright Roaring Fire
William Horner   Warrior Tall Quivira Oak
Roy Hughes   Warrior Quiet Night
Addison Keckler   Warrior Glowing White Rock
Clarence Leigh   Brave Little Climbing Gray Spider
Ernest Lowderman   Warrior Running Cougar
Donald E Lynn   Warrior Big Pointing Branch
Arthur Main   Firebuilder Thin Knife
Richard J Malsick   Warrior Subtle Stinging Scorpion
Todd Matthews   Firebuilder Lone Stalking Silver Fox
Gerard Meiners   Brave Flaming Messenger
John S Modlin   Chieftain Little Curly Hawk
Joseph Needles   Firebuilder Steady Bright Flame
James B Nutter   Warrior Misty Oak
Ralph Parrish   Warrior First Winged Cardinal
Patrick R Persell   Warrior Silent Blue Cloud
Leonard Phillips   Warrior Chattering Gray Squirrel
Elmer L Pingleton Jr   Warrior Angry Red Lightning
Joe Purcell   Warrior Silver Flying Thunderbird
Dick Randol   Warrior Ruffled Screeching Eagle
Aaron P Riebel   Shaman Faithful Deer
James Gary Riegel   Warrior Turning Wolf
Albert Roseler   Warrior Man Of Iron Wire
Ronald Routh   Brave Night Howling Coyote
Robert M Rowe   Firebuilder Swift Sparrow Hawk
Berton Russell   Sachem Least Top Water Bass
Michael Schroer   Keeper of the Wampum Little Winking Star
Richard Seidelman   Shaman Little Angry Buzzing Wasp
Gene Smith   Keeper of the Wampum Dark Silver Fox
Max W Smith   Warrior Big Fast Ascending Eagle
Robert Smith   Warrior Quiet Lightning
Jack Snead   Warrior Glistening Half Moon
Vincent Javier Spiwak   Firebuilder Everlasting Silver Moon
Wayne Stansbury   Warrior Little Lone Grazing White Buffalo
Charles L Strobel   Warrior Ready Lightning
Frederick A Treffer II   Firebuilder Little Healing White Feather
Thomas J Waddell   Warrior Glowing Red Cedar
George Wagener   Warrior Little Flint Chipper
Walter W Walton Jr   Warrior Swift Red Hawk
Charles Watkins   Brave Soft Rock