Connect with the New "Scouting" App

Track every advancement with real-time results

Connect with the New "Scouting" App

It's our gift to you. Starting on January 1, 2019, all Scoutbook subscriptions will be FREE for everyone! Scoutbook is the BSA's online management tool that helps Scouts, parents and leaders track every advancement and milestone achievements along the Scouting trail.

Along with Scoutbook being free for all users, we are excited to share with you the BSA's newest app, Scouting, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and is compatible for iPhone and Android users.

The Scouting app makes it easier than ever for youth and their parents to view and track advancement across all Scouting programs. The app pulls existing advancement data straight from Scoutbook for viewing on an enhanced user interface.

No wifi - no problem! This app will go with you when your Scouting adventures take you off the grid with offline capability that allows parents and Scouts (13 and older) to access advancement data anywhere any time. 

Once downloaded, parents and Scouts should use their Scoutbook credentials to login. If you don't have a Scoutbook account yet, visit to create one on January 1. If your unit hasn't signed up for their Scoutbook account yet, don't worry, you can still log on and create an account for your Scout. 

What can this app do?

  • Track a Scout's advancement

  • Track logs like service hours, hiking, and camping

  • View parent and/or Scout profiles

  • Provide parent access to your Scouts' accounts


Other features include; night-mode, user default data settings, and offline capabilities. Additional features like a Scout community, notifications, leadership, calendar and Scout challenges are expected to be released soon. 

Download this free app today and start tracking your Scout's journey!