Venturing Officers Association

The mission of the Venturing Officers Association is to promote and support the Venturing program, utilizing a standard organizational structure that enables local councils to grow membership by advancing leadership opportunities through communication, program, and administration.

The Heart of America Council Venturing Officers Association (VOA) fulfills the mission above by working to provide fun and exciting activities for all Venturers throughout the council on an annual basis.  The term of office for an officer in the VOA is one year and lasts from May 1 until April 30 of the following year.  Each member of the VOA must be a registered member of a Venturing Crew and must by under the age of 21 for his or her entire term of office.

Each Venturing Crew President is a voting member of the Council Venturing Officer's Association.  We want to encourage EVERY Crew President to join us at VOA Meetings to help set the course for Venturing activities in the Heart of America Council.  It's your program; provide your input to make the events you want to see happen actually come to happen.

The VOA is comprised of four officers for the 2014-15 VOA year (each officer also has an advsier, listed after the officer name).  Click on each link for the full job description of each position:

VOA President - Rayna; Judy

VOA Vice-President of Administration - Lauren; Gary

VOA Vice-President of Communication - Rachel; Peter

VOA Vice-President of Program - Kim; David

The VOA is also supported by a group of advisers in a similar way that Venturing Crews are supported by advisers.  The youth officers and youth volunteers of the VOA make the decisions and implement the plans of the VOA under the guidance of selected capable adult advisers.

Anyone interested in participating in the VOA is encouraged to do so.  The VOA is always looking for youth with ideas about how to improve the things we are doing or about new opportunities for the VOA to provide to Crews throughout the council.  Capable advisers are welcome to provide their support to this exciting group of youth leaders so they can continue to help grow Venturing throughout the council.

If you want to volunteer to help plan an event, offer a new event through the VOA, or have questions about the Venturing Officers Assocation, please contact Cortland Bolles, VOA Staff Adviser, at

Venturing Officers Association Meetings

The VOA meets on a monthly basis and one of their key responsibilities is to plan and execute activities throughout the year to provide Venturing Crews throughout the Heart of America Council some activities to supplement the program already planned as a Venturing Crew. Those events include the VOA Winter Event, VOA Awards Banquet, VOA Triathlon, and the VOA Haunted Trails.

If you want to learn more about the VOA, or want to volunteer to help run one of these events, or have an idea for an event for which you would like to lead the planning, promoting and delivery, please contact the members of the VOA by emailing

VOA Meetings can found on the council calendar by clicking here. VOA Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Heart of America Council Office, 10210 Holmes Rd, KC MO, unless otherwise noted on the council calendar.

2014 VOA Calendar

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