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  • Complete Venturing Leader Fast Start training.
  • Complete Youth Protection Training.
  • Complete New Leader Essentials Training.
  • Complete Venturing Leader Job Specific Training.


Attend at least six roundtables during each year for three years.


Complete at least 3 years of registered tenure as a Scoutmaster within a 5-year period.


  • Earn the Boy Scout Troop National Quality Unit Award (2 times)
  • Conduct Troop Junior Leader Training (3 times)
  • Participate as an adult in Junior Leader Training
  • Participate in one supplemental training course beyond basic training (local council or national level experience)
  • Earn Boy Scout Leader's Training Award

* Note: This award can be earned from different programs. For this award a miniature device pins can be worn which indicates the program phase where the award was earned. One does not wear multiple copies of the same square knot, but can wear multiple miniature device pins on a square knot.