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The Trails West District serves south western Johnson County bounded by 75th Street on the North, I-35 and Claire Road on the East, and 143rd St and Moonlight Road on the West. Communities served include: Lenexa, Western Olathe, Gardner, and Edgerton. The district is organized to support the volunteer Scouters as they provide the programs of the Boy Scouts of America to the youth of this area.

Emphasis Programs: November 2015

Below are the activities, programs or campaigns that will be emphasized by the Trails West District Committee and Commissioner Staffs.  These emphasis programs will change on a monthly basis as the Scouting calendar moves on.  You will see anywhere from two to five key topics each month with a brief summary of each and links to more detailed information to support your efforts!  This month, these programs will be the primary programs of emphasis from the Trails West District to help your unit's program succeed:

  • Unit Inventories - If you have not yet done so, please submit your unit-maintained roster to Cortland or Courtney so they can cross-check your records with the Council records.  We'll inform you of any discrepancies and work with you to register any Scouts that are not registered in our system but should be!  This will help make your recharter easier and ensure those youth are getting all the benefits of registration with the BSA.
  • Recharter Preparation - Recharter booklets will be available at the November Roundtable.  Also included will be your unit's list of YPT training information and a recharter turn-in schedule.  Please start letting your families know that recharter is happening and that they need to prepare to pay registration again.  There is no lapsed period for rechartering anymore, so it is important that you maintain the importance of this process within your unit to complete this as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Fall Popcorn Sales - Make sure you schedule a time to pick-up your popcorn at the Final Distribution on November 6-7 at Allegion Warehouse.  Popcorn delivery should be prompt so that you can collect payment to pay your final popcorn bill by the December 9 deadline.  And don't forget to send a copy of your unit's budget and program plan to Cortland or Courtney.  By attending training, submitting your budget & program plan, and paying your bill on-time, you can get an extra 2% commission!
  • 2016 Family IIC Scheduling - If you have not yet done so, please make sure to schedule your unit's Investment in Character presentation with Cliff Ogle as soon as possible.  This is a large campaign and many of the presentation will happen at the same time.  The more notice we have, the better we can plan and prepare an outstanding presentation for your unit!
  • TW District Dinner - On January 8, 2016, the final event of the Trails West era will take place.  This District Dinner will honor the work of youth and leaders in 2015 and recognize the outstanding contributions Scouts and Scouters have made to the community.  Please make plans now to attend the dinner.  Don't forget to complete a nomination form for a leader you think deserving of recognition from your unit or at the district level.

District Roundtable

The Trails West District Roundtable is held the 1st Thursday of every month through at Indian Creek Community Church, 12480 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS. This will be the location through December 2015. Starting in January 2016, you will need to attend the Iron Horse District Roundtable or the Shawnee Trails District Roundtable, based on where your unit falls in the new district alignment. As more information about these Roundtable dates, times and locations are determined, we will share that with your here.  Roundtable is a great place to share ideas with fellow Scouters. It's also a great way to get the scoop on all the latest district news and council information.

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