Spirit Trail District Day Camp

The 2018 Spirit Trail Day Camp will be held at Camp Reeder in Harrisonville, June 18 - June 22.

Walking Leader Training is Tuesday June 5th at 7:00pm at Harrisonville Church of the Nazarene (2305 E South St., Harrisonville)

Things to know:
- BSA Health Forms (Parts A&B) are required for all youth and adults at Camp, even if they are only there for one day.
- Registration will be open the Sunday before camp (June 17) from 1:00-4:00 for Packs to pick up their supplies and turn in health forms, and set up campsites
- Some things to include in your Pack supplies: 
     Storage for personal equipment & supplies
     Coolers with plenty of ice for food storage
     Hand washers (soap, rinse, drying)
     Trash bag or container (you must take your trash with you every day at the end of camp)
     Shelter - dining fly, tarp, or tent
     Seating for youth and adults
     Campsite banner with Pack number
- A leader MUST check in your Pack at registration EVERY day



Sack lunch Daily check in sheet for Cubs
Water bottle Daily check in sheet for Leaders/Den Chiefs

Hat Group schedule
Coolers with ice for lunch storage Walking Leader Guide
Water container for pack use Bug repellant

Camper’s medicine Trash bags

Sunscreen Money for trading post



Sack lunch Rain gear

Water bottle Hat

Backpack or bucket with lid Money for trading post

White shirt for tie dye (Wed/Thur) Bug repellant, Sunscreen


For any additional questions, contact Day Camp Director, Laura Crotty 816-853-2544.