Scouting History

Scouting History in the Heart of America Council - May 2017

by Andy Dubill, Council Historian

The Songs of Camp Naish

What would summer camp be without the songs? One of the earliest Camp Naish songs was written in 1936 by James Sussex of Kansas City, Kansas. The following song was adopted for use by campers at Camp Naish and documented in the Camp Naish Campfire Manual compiled by James Putnam of Emporia, Kansas:

To Camp Naish
Hiking along together
On our way to old Camp Naish
Full of pep and vim and dash.

We’re going to camp together,
For a whole week of fun.
We’ll laugh and play and day by day
We’ll make new friends galore!

We’ll do the things we like the best
And do them more and more.
Oh! Hiking along together
On our way to old CAMP NAISH!
Hiking along together.

Years later in the mid 1950's a new camp song was being utilized on the Reservation. The new Camp Naish song was written in 1954 on the way to the National Order of the Arrow Conference. Jim Miller, Cliff Thompson and Jim Feil were the driving force behind the song that has become an institution at camp. In the 1950's the camp had no official song at the time, but as a joke on a K-State staff member, the words of the KU alma mater were modified. The Camp Naish song has been sung at campfires ever since...

High above the broad Kaw Valley,
Stands the camp we love.
Mid the elm and tall oak branches,
With God’s sky above.
Here we say that on our Honor,
We will ever be,
Loyal Scouts and ever faithful
Dear Camp Naish to thee.

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