Scouting History

Scouting History in the Heart of America Council - April 2016

by Andy Dubill, Council Historian

The Mid-West Boy Scout - the Official Magazine of Kansas City Scouting

The Mid-West Boy Scout, the official magazine for Boy Scouts in Kansas City was launched in July of 1915. In its inaugural issue, The Mid-West Boy Scout reported that the Kansas City Council ranked fourth in the country in the ratio of Scouts to boys of Scouting age in its area. The council was considered a strong Scouting center by all standards.

Albert J. Watson, Scout Commissioner of the Greater Kansas City Council, reminded readers that “Your Scout officials are planning activities for you during the summer, but of course, the great Scout event is the Summer Camp at Elk Springs. During the two weeks in camp you will have an opportunity to learn more of Scouting than you can at any other time, and the chums you will make will last a lifetime. The experience of 500 boys, living together as one big family, enjoying equal rights and knowing what it means to consider the rights of everyone else, is a training which he can secure in no other way.”

He went on to suggest that the “discipline may be irksome, that in itself is worthwhile.” He reminded Scouts reading the new magazine that when they took their place in the working world they would need to take orders without arguing. There were also going to be many pleasures down at Elk Springs in 1915 including the swimming hour, hiking, recreation and the campfire hour. This would be a summer camp to remember. Parents were reminded to not forget the dates—August 16 to 28, 1915. The cost was only eight dollars for all expenses. The final reminder from Watson was, “Don’t count the cost now, but the benefits and profits later, REGISTER TODAY.”

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