Rural Popcorn Trainings

Rural Popcorn Orientation:  We understand that the locations and/or times of the Sellers Academies may not work for every Kernel.  As an alternative, we are offering traditional popcorn orientation as part of our program.  You do not have to be from that district to attend the orientation.

  • Lone Bear District - Aug 2  (6:30 PM) First United Methodist Church, 101 West Gay Street, Warrensburg, MO 
  • Pelathe District - Aug 7 (6:30 PM) First Baptist Church, 1330 Kasold Drive, Lawrence, KS 
  • Twin Rivers District - Aug 8 (6:30 PM) Paola Presbyterian Center, 110 E Peoria St, Paola, KS
  • Big Muddy District - Aug 9 (6:30 PM) Lexington United Methodist Church, 1211 S Business Hwy 13, Lexington, MO