Who can earn this Award

  • Cub Scout Roundtable Staff
  • Boy Scout Roundtable Staff
  • Varsity Scout Huddle Staff


  • Review with the roundtable commissioner orientation material in the current Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide, No. 34239A; or Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide, No. 34253; or Varsity Scout Huddle Guide, No. 34829.
  • Review all material in the current Cub Scout Program Helps, Troop Program Features, or Varsity Scout Game Plan.
  • Complete basic training for Cub Scout or Boy Scout roundtable commissioners.


Complete two years as a roundtable staff member.


Do the following:

  • Participate in six roundtable/huddle staff meetings
  • Actively assist in six roundtables/huddles.
  • Conduct a successful roundtable/huddle attendance promotion project.
  • Develop and exhibit a display related to the theme at one roundtable/huddle.
  • Conduct an opening activity and an opening ceremony.
  • Conduct or be responsible for a major project, presentation, or demonstration at one roundtable/huddle.

* Note:  This award can be earned from different programs. For this award a miniature device pins can be worn which indicates the program phase where the award was earned. One does not wear multiple copies of the same square knot, but can wear multiple miniature device pins on a square knot.