Contact these people below for information regarding the Religious Emblems Program.

The most often asked question… “Who do I contact to help our youth start on the Religious Emblems in their Church?”

Religious Emblem Program Contacts

LDS John Naylor (913) 568-2750
Jewish Mark Rainen (913) 269-7584
Catholic - Missouri Mike O'Neil         (816) 436-4804
Catholic -Kansas Bill Mentzer (913) 526-8239
Community of Christ Dick Kramer (816) 591-0610
Protestant Jon Voss (913) 488-3548
R.E.D. Team Coordinator Homer Radford (816) 356-1760
Relationship Staff Advisor Jon Geiger (816) 569-4932

Religious Emblems for Scouting

The Relationships Committee of the Boy Scouts of America maintains dialog with major religious organizations whose thoughts on religion are somewhat consistent with the BSA's Declaration of Religious Principles. In addition to those organizations serving as chartered partners of the BSA, many of them offer religious awards that may be earned by youth and adults. Youth and adults who earn recognized and sanctioned religious awards from one of the recognized churches may wear the appropriate purple and silver square knot on their uniform.

Religious Emblems Display Teams

Religious Emblems Display Teams (R.E.D. Teams) are being formed in all Districts in the Council.  The Religious Relationships Committee is looking for Scouters who will become trained to be part of the District R.E.D. Teams. Contact Don Shapley at

H. Roe Bartle Relationships Award

Can your Unit earn the H. Roe Bartle Relationships Award?  This Quality Unit Religious Relationship Recognition is named to honor H. Roe Bartle who promoted a strong Scouting tradition of encouraging the "Duty to God" aspects in Scouting.  Scouts were encouraged to earn Religious Emblems through their Church.  H. Roe Bartle’s father, Sam Bartle, was a Presbyterian Minister.

Your application indicates a high percentage of your Scouts have earned the Religious Emblem of their faith, your leaders are trained in Scouting, and your Unit serves as a part of youth ministry in your Church.  Churches are some of our strongest Chartered Partners.  Contact Homer A. Radford, Coordinator for the H. Roe Bartle Award at 816-356-1760 or

Download the application for H. Roe Bartle Relationships Award 

Unit Chaplain & Chaplain Aide Annual Training


Training is designed to qualify youth and adults to support every Scout in fulfilling his Duty to God through Scouting.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to plan an interfaith religious service for campouts & other unit activities;
  • How to organize a sermon or message for the service;
  • Where to find songs, readings, and other resources for worship learning;
  • How to enlist other Scouts to assist in the worship service or religious activity.

Presented by the members of the HOAC Relationship Committee:

Catholic Committee on Scouting

Community of Christ Committee on Scouting

Jewish Committee on Scouting

Protestant Committee on Scouting

Need more information?

Rev. George Flanagan
Protestant Committee on Scouting
(816) 304-4798

District Relationship Chairs

District Chair Phone Email
Big Muddy vacant    
Blue Elk John Sheehy (816) 224-1010
Kaw Rob Richardson (913) 573-5750
Lone Bear Erika Lebaige (660) 362-0237
North Star Jim Olsheski (816) 452-4450
Northern Tier Luke Corkil (913) 834-1104
Pelathe Brian Rome (785) 542-3344  
Pioneer Trails Jon Voss (913) 652-0280
Red-Tailed Hawk Steve Walton (816) 942-6221
Thunderbird LeAnn Collins 816-718-7514
Trailhead Father Shawn Tunink 913-649-1337
Trails West Dennis Hoff
Twin Rivers vacant