Powder Horn

PowderHorn is not being offered in 2015. Information will be posted as soon as it becomes available for the next course.



Provides a robust outdoor program using a variety of resources.

  • Identify resources and consultants for High Adventure activities.

  • Apply the health/safety requirements and the rules/regulations of the Boy Scouts of America to outdoor programs.

Participant Qualifications

  • Be a registered adult or youth at least 14 years old or a member of a Venturing Crew.

  • A current BSA Annual Health & Medical Record.

  • Youth must have completed the required leadership training for the unit they are registered in (Introduction to Leadership Skills Troop or Crew or National Youth Leadership Training).

  • Adults must be trained for their position.

  • All participants must complete:

    • Venturing Youth Protection

    • Hazardous Weather

    • Safety Afloat

    • Safe Swim Defense

    • Climb on Safely

  • Meet the requirements in the Annual Health & Medical Record physical in a backcountry environment.

For Questions Contact:

J. Britt Davis
Professional Staff Advisor
(816) 569-4924

Mary Kilkenny
Course Director
(913) 645-9625