Pelathe District Day Camp

"Super Hero Academy"



Tuesday May 29- Friday June 1 2018


Douglas County Fairgrounds
19th & Harper in Lawrence

How Much?

Units can begin registering for Day Camp online beginning in January 2018

Scouts paid in full on or before April 25, 2018 $65.00 per Scout

Scouts paid on or after April 26, 2018 $75.00 per Scout

Scouts added at camp $80.00 per Scout

New Scouts(including new Tigers-new Kindergarten graduates) who register after April 27, will be offered the $65 rate at whatever time they sign up for Day Camp.


Each Scout must have a Health Form turned in by the May Roundtable.

Cost: For details on fees and registration, visit the Council Day Camp page by clicking here.
Everyone attending must provide a completed health form.


What to bring/wear everyday:

  • Lunch – Big and nutritious, no refrigeration
  • Water Bottle – refillable
  • Hat – for sun protection
  • Sturdy shoes & socks (no sandals or crocs)
  • Sunscreen – apply before camp and bring extra
  • Bug spray – your choice, but a good idea

Do not bring: Electronics of any kind, candy, soda, valuables, knives

Adults bring: Same gear as kids, including a lunch! Signed health form (no doctor signature needed). Please keep phones turned off or on vibrate. No smoking or use of chewing tobacco at camp.

Walking Leaders: Each unit must provide at least 2 adult volunteer walking leaders per day. Training will be provided in advance for all walking leaders. Walking leaders do not have to be “official” Scout leaders, but all adult volunteers should take Youth Protection training at Hazardous Weather Training is also recommended for Day Camp. You will have to create an account at, but you do not have to be a registered leader and it is free.  Walking leader/Parent Meeting @ May Roundtable.

Walking Leader Guidebook

Early pick-up/Late arrival , Medication, Emergencies: All boys and adults arriving late or leaving early must go through the administration building. Medications must be in original prescription packaging with name on them. Boys must turn in all medication except for inhalers & epi-pens.

For more information or to volunteer contact:

Day Camp Director

Kathleen Gordon-Ross
(785) 813-1794


Day Camp Program Director

Kathy Gates



Registrar (Registration and Health Forms)

Randy Kidder Day Camp Registrar
(785) 806-2503


Staff Advisor

Paul Taylor