Northern Lights District Leadership





District Chairman Scott Kasper 913-544-6474
District Commissioner Larry Duncan 816-213-9928
District Executive Anthony Gonnello 816-569-4966
Cub Scout Roundtable

David Clark

Boy Scout Roundtable Pat McCalmon 816-807-9493
Tiger Cub Den Leader Mentor Kathy Alexander 816-517-5233
Vice Chair Finance John Collier 816-872-4084
Overall IIC Chair John Collier 816-872-4084 
IIC Family Chair Julia Burr 816-956-1790
IIC Community Chair Tom Lenz 816-289-0022
IIC Patron Lunch Chair      
Popcorn Kernel Jim Sullivan 816-213-5468

James E. West Fellowship

Vice Chair Membership Dan Walstrom 816-520-0467

Cub Scout Recruiting Gary Sachs 816-806-7210
Webelos-to-Scout/BS Recruiting John Lindner 816-914-5101
New Unit Chair      
Relationships Chair      
Religious Emblem Coordinator John Wessling 816-507-2987
International Scouting Chair Keith Kaiser

Vice Chair Program Brian Blake 816-213-8809
Camping Chair Melinda McCombs 816-419-4800
Cub Scout Camp Promotion Dana Atwell 816-210-8252
Boy Scout Camp Promotion      
Day Camp Director Jeff Adams
Day Camp Program Director Kim Morgan 816-977-6013
Cub Family Campout Chair      
OA Advisor Ron Adams 816-891-8922
High Adventure Chair      
Risk Management Chair      
Youth Protection Chair      
Advancement Chair Chad Shiner 816-210-8571
Eagle Board of Review Michael Adamek 816-223-3164
District Dinner Chair      
STEM Chair Pat McCalmon 816-807-9493
Training Chair Travis Kleoppel 816-807-6997
Cub Scout Training      
Boy Scout Training      
Merit Badge Counselor Training Dave Stanway 816-741-4644
Activities and Civic Service Chair Ryan Hughes 816-674-8461
Venturing Chair      
Public Relations Chair      
Special Needs Chair Karen Jones