Honorary Chieftain - 2018

Hugh L. Libby
Chieftain Little Black Cloud

Hugh L. Libby



Eagle Scout Hugh L. Libby graduated from Central High School in Kansas City, MO in 1942.  He attended Park University, Kansas City University, and Columbia University in New York, receiving his degree in Economics. 

Hugh served his country as a member of the United States Navy in the Pacific theater during World War II.

After the Navy, Hugh developed multiple companies in the welding and painting industries; the last one was the Libby Corporation, which became the largest manufacturer of military generators in the world.  Products were provided to the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps.  Among their products: welding machines, generator units, aircraft tow tractors, nitrogen and air conditioning units for servicing aircraft. They provided the ground-power starter unit for every plane used in Vietnam.  

Hugh entered the Tribe as a Brave in 1940, became a Warrior in 1941, and was elevated to Sachem in 2015.  Hugh served on the Rotary Camp staff for two years.

Hugh is a James E. West Fellow, a member of the Council Founders Circle, and Second Century Society.  He is also a Founder Tribal Guardian and a Lifetime Tribal Guardian.