District Chairman Bruce Priday 913-523-4981 bfpriday@gmail.com
District Commissioner Craig Reeve 816-304-9002 reevescouting@gmail.com
Senior District Executive Jason Bledsoe 816-569-4984 jason.bledsoe@scouting.org
Vice Chair of Program Rusty Sampson 816-510-1840


Vice District Investment in Character Chair Norm Messner 816-797-3671 jtboswell@gmail.com
District Patron Lunch Chair Matt Walker   mwalker@pplusadvisors.com
Family Chair John Naylor 913-568-2750 jjnaylor4@gmail.com
District 11 Year Old Camp Chair Rebecca Cook 703-853-6825 mt11camp@gmail.com
Public Relations Chair Crissy Dastrup 580-678-3123 crissy@dastrupcreative.com
District Training Chair Dennis Johnson 913-626-4700 dejohnson@powereng.com
District Membership Chair Randy Peterson 816-506-2551 RandyP@ctags.com
Advancement Chair Gary Hunter 913-284-6046 huntergmsd@everestkc.net
Camping Chair Doug Hedrick 913-962-0168 dougistari@gmail.com
Activities and Civic Service Chair Bob Laudie 816-682-1141 boblaudie@yahoo.com
District Nominating Chair Bryan Mckee   bryan_mckee@sbcglobal.net