Mormon Trail District

District Service Area

The Mormon Trail District is here to serve our LDS partners: 1,749 youth, 1,304 adult leaders, and 161 units.

We are now able to more effectively mobilize our resources to ensure the growth and success of our boys as they travel along the Trail to Eagle.

The District encompasses the entire Heart of America Council (HOAC) which includes units from 9 stakes: Far West, Independence, Kansas City, Lenexa, Liberty, Olathe, Platte City, Topeka, and Warrensburg.

Roving Roundtable

Mormon Trail District Roving Roundtable program will be coming to each stake once a year. It will feature breakouts, training, and resources for all Mormon Trail unit leaders. Please go to your local Roundtable the rest of the year.


The District is working on improving communications. We are working on updating Constant Contacts, a platform for sending group emails. If you would like to receive emails for specific groups (like Cubmasters, Committee Chairs, etc.) or just for general information, please click the button below.

Upcoming District Events