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To become a Merit Badge Counselor you must attend Merit Badge Counselor Training, have current youth protection training fill out an adult application, and a merit badge counselor application.

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Eagle Scout Projects

As young men in Scouting work to earn their Eagle Scout Award, part of this rank requires a project that he must plan and carry out.  To help Scouts prepare for the project review and finalization, we suggest you look at the following information:

Mormon Trail District is proud of the many Eagle Scouts that come out of all our troops throughout the year; more than 50 boys earn the Eagle Scout Award in our district annually.

Eagle Scout project approvals and Eagle Scout board of reviews will take place at your local geographic district roundtable.

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  • If you received your eagle scout award in 2017, don't forget to sign up for the 2017 Eagle Scout Reception at Silverstein Eye Care Arena

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If you have any questions about Advancements or Eagle Scout Projects please contact Mormon Trail Advancement Chairman Gary Hunter.

For more information about Advancements for all Ranks, please visit the Council's Advancement Page.

Duty to God Award


Cub Scouts

A boy may begin to work on the Faith in God Award when he turns eight years old. To earn the award, he must complete the requirements in the Faith in God for Boys guidebook before his twelfth birthday. His parents, Primary leaders, and Cub Scout leaders can help him with the activities. Some of the requirements may be completed simultaneously while working on his Cub Scout Religious Square Knot requirements.

There are two separate awards that Primary-age boys may earn. Requirements for both awards are in the Faith in God for Boys guidebook. Working on them at the same time will make it easier to complete the requirements for both.

1. The Faith in God Award (for both boys and girls; must be earned before turning age twelve). Faith in God

2. The Cub Scout Religious Square Knot (the uniform patch for Cub Scouts; must be earned before turning age eleven). Requirements 


Boy Scouts

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To earn the On My Honor Award, young men must (1) complete the requirements for the Duty to God certificate for deacons (or for another Duty to God certificate) and (2) achieve the Scout rank of Star in the United States, or equivalent Scouting award in other countries.

On My Honor Award for Boy Scouts


On My Honor Award for Adult Leaders



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