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The below information is for archival purposes only. See the Tribal Guardian page for the current endowment program.

Strengthened by an Eagle's Claw

If you are a new Honorary Warrior, grasp your claws and think. Think of the younger and weaker who look to you.

If you are a many-couped Warrior, think of the sweetness of the countless trails and great friendships your reservation has unfolded before you. Think of She-She-Be. Think of tomorrow. And if the trails of life have taken you far from your beloved reservation - except in spirit - then look now into your heart and see the strength of the eagle's claw from moons gone by. You will know what to do.

Whatever your place in the inner circle, we need you to become a Dog Soldier of Mic-O-Say. Let us form arm-in-arm symbolically around our Tribe, and give it the shield of financial strength forever.

O Worthy Dog Soldier

Like his brothers of the plains, the Mic-O-Say Dog Soldier stands as a special protector of his Tribe. You are invited to join this clan with your annual gift or a life membership of $1,000 to the Mic-O-Say Trust Fund.

Chosen Warriors

An elite fraternity of chosen warriors, the Dog Soldier Clan was sworn to protect the Tribe from harm and to assure its strong future. As a Mic-O-Say Dog Soldier, you will protect our Tribe by ensuring its successful continuation through financial stability.

The True Red Circle

Your annual contribution, or life membership of $1,000, goes into the Mic-O-Say Trust Fund. It is the true red circle to a strong Tribe of Mic-O-Say, today and tomorrow.

Your Dog Soldier Life Membership can be achieved by a single contribution of $1,000 or you can become a life member after your annual gifts total $1,000. A minimum of $50 annually is recommended.

The interest earned from this permanent fund is used to improve the camping experience at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation. The principal is left to grow strong.

Older Tribesman Commitment

The Dog Soldier commitment is for Tribesmen over 21 only. Tribesmen under 21 will continue to support our Tribe through their annual self-denial offerings. Younger Tribesmen are not eligible for Dog Soldier participation until they reach the age of 21.

Your Dog Soldier commitment is an easy way to say: "Mic-O-Say has meant much to me and I want to help others have the same opportunity for years to come."

Special Lifetime Recognition

Life member Dog Soldiers will receive a special paperweight showing a set of claws with a red circle around them. The red circle symbolizes the Tribesman's lifelong commitment to protecting our Tribe.

Life members will also receive a handsome Dog Soldier certificate for their den or office, as a further remembrance of their leadership.

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

A special Medicine Wheel Ceremony will be the focus for Dog Soldiers during our Tribal Feast weekend. Only those Tribesmen who have made full payment of their Dog Soldier contribution will be called to take part in this unique Mic-O-Say ceremony.

The Medicine Wheel Ceremony is a symbolic walk along the red circle of the Tribesman's resolutions through life. This meaningful, self-conducted Tribal participation will be held early Saturday afternoon of the Tribal Feast. The Medicine Wheel Ceremony will only be held once a year during our annual gathering before camp.

Circles of Red Paint

After completing the brief ceremony, each Mic-O-Say Dog Soldier will leave Lone Bear with a renewed sense of responsibility. A circle of red paint will mark the back of his left hand to symbolize this renewed sense of responsibility. This is the hand nearest his heart.

Dog Soldiers will wear the red circle of the medicine wheel until the Tribal Feast activities are completed Saturday evening, then they will wash it off in private ceremony. There will be no other Dog Soldier recognition during the year.

Walk in Honor

Dog Soldiers who are not able to attend the Tribal Feast will be represented, if they so wish, in the Medicine Wheel Ceremony by a substitute Tribesman walking in their honor.

Becoming a Dog Soldier

Are you interested in becoming a Life Member Dog Soldier in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say? If so, download a Tribe of Mic-O-Say Dog Soldier Application.

Once you have fulfilled your life membership, your name will be added to the list of Mic-O-Say Dog Soldiers.