John L. Erickson
Chieftain Little Creeping Leaves

John L. Erickson


Tom-Tom Beater1959
Keeper of the Sacred Bundle1960
Keeper of the Wampum1963
Medicine Man1972

John Erickson was a Boy Scout in North Kansas City where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. John became a Brave in 1957, Warrior in 1958, Firebuilder and Tom-Tom Beater in 1959, a Runner and Keeper of the Sacred Bundle in 1960, a Sachem in 1961, a Keeper of the Wampum in 1963, Sagamore in 1965, and a Medicine Man in 1972.

John served on the camp staff of the Bartle Scout Reservation for many years. His service included service as the Wigwam Program Director for four years, Wigwam Camp Director, Sawmill Camp Director, and Frontier Camp Director. John is one of three camp directors who have led all three camps and one of five camp directors who had previously served as a program director.

John began his professional scouting career in the Kansas City Area Council where he served as a District Executive for the Lone Bear and Three Trails Districts. He then served as the Director of Activities and Public Relations. John has served as the Scout Executive in Sioux Falls, SD and Baton Rouge, LA. John served as the Director of Professional Development for ten years and is currently serving as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Scout Executive.