Presiding Chieftain - 2016

Jim Hayes
Chieftain Fast Running Silver Fox

Jim Hayes


Tom-Tom Beater1978
Keeper of the Sacred Bundle1980
Keeper of the Wampum1991
Medicine Man2004

At the 2016 Tribal Celebration, James (Jim) W. Hayes, Medicine Man Fast Running Silver Fox, was named the 87th Presiding Chieftain of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

As a youth in Pleasant Hill, MO, Jim earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scout Pack 300, became an Eagle Scout and earned the God and Country award in Boy Scout Troop 300.

Jim has served as a member of the Heart of America Council Executive Committee since 2009, including service as the Vice President of Program and Assistant Treasurer.  Jim has also served as Chairman of several operating committees and a member of the Board of Directors since 1992. Jim was a member of the Thunderbird District Committee prior to his appointment to the Board of Directors.

Jim served as a member of the long-term camp staff at both the H. Roe Bartle and Theodore Naish Scout Reservations.

Jim is a Vigil member and Centurion award recipient of the Order of the Arrow and a past Lodge Advisor. Jim has received the James E. West Fellowship Award and the District Award of Merit. In addition, Jim received the highest award that can be bestowed by the Heart of America Council, the Silver Beaver. Jim is a life member Dog Solder and he is Woodbadge trained. He serves as a member of the Mic-O-Say Customs, Traditions, Ceremonies and Activities Committee.

Jim is the first Tribesman to have served in every Tribal responsibility currently bestowed and only the second Tribesman to wear all seven colors of paint on his claws.

Jim is active in his community having provided leadership to the St. John LeLande Catholic School Board and Church finance committee, and the Archbishop O’Hara High School Board of Directors. He is a recipient of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop’s Award.

Professionally, Jim is the Vice President Total Rewards at H&R Block.

Jim and his wife Rita have 2 daughters.