Edmund Wilkes Jr.
Chieftain Strong Tree

Edmund Wilkes Jr.



Edmund Wilkes Jr., Warrior Strong Tree, was selected as the 17th Presiding Chieftain in 1946. Mr. Wilkes wrote the song that has echoed through the years, "The Hills of Osceola," in 1939.


The hills of Osceola are calling me today,
Come back along the Scouting Trail, their voices seem to say.
I dream of woodland valleys, and pathways that I know,
And answer, O-sce-o-la dear, I'm coming back to you.


The hills of Osceola lift up their branches high,
The leafy curtain that they spread is green against the sky.
And when the shades of evening have chased away the light,
The stars above come shining through, God's watchman of the night.


The friends of Osceola have walked the trails with me,
And 'round the campfire we have met in joyous company.
O' friends of rain and sunshine, so loyal and so true.
Thank God for hills and trees and stars -- for Country, Home and You!