Dr. William LaHue
Chieftain Swift Flying Knife

Dr. William LaHue


Keeper of the Wampum2007

At the 2008 Tribal Celebration, Dr. William LaHue, Keeper of the Wampum Swift Flying Knife, was named the 79th Presiding Chieftain of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Bill has served as a committee member and camp Scoutmaster for Troop 318 in Lexington, MO. He has also served as a camp physician at the Bartle Scout Reservation since 1980. Bill has participated in a Florida Sea Base high adventure contingent.

Bill became an Honorary Warrior in 1980, a Sachem in 1991, and a Keeper of the Wampum in 2007. Bill is a Life Member Dog Soldier of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Dr. LaHue has received the highest award that can be bestowed by the Heart of America Council, the Silver Beaver Award.

Professionally, Bill is a physician at the Rodgers-Lafayette Health Center. He is a member of the Lafayette-Ray Medical Society, the Missouri State Medical Association and the American Medical Association. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Bill’s civic service includes serving as an elder and a board member of the First Christian Church, a member of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, and team physician for local high school athletic teams.

Bill and his wife Julia have a daughter and two sons. Their youngest son, Jeff is an Eagle Scout, a Sachem, and former Camp Lone Star Program Director.