Clifford Illig
Chieftain Least Towering Maple

Clifford Illig



At the 2001 Tribal Feast, Cliff Illig, Sachem Least Towering Maple, was named as the 72nd Presiding Chieftain of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Cliff became an Brave in 1965, a Warrior in 1966, and a Sachem in 1998.

Cliff is an Eagle Scout. He has served as an Executive Board member of Heart of America Council for a number of years. Cliff has served on the Board's Executive Committee as both Vice President of Development and Vice President of Programs. He has chaired several of the Council's major recruiting and fund-raising events. Cliff is a third-generation Tribesman, and he has two sons who are Tribesmen.

Professionally, Cliff is an accomplished business executive and civic leader in the Kansas City area. He is a co-founder and Vice Chairman of Cerner Corporation, the Kansas City-based healthcare information systems company. He is a recipient of the Ernst & Young-Inc. Magazine and the UMKC Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Cliff is active on a number of significant regional civic boards and organizations. He is a Director of the Kaufmann Foundation's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and chairs its Strategic Directions Committee. He is also a Trustee at UMKC, and on the Board of KC Catalyst.