George H. Charno Jr.
Chieftain Gray Sky

George H. Charno Jr.



George H. Charno Jr, Sachem Grey Sky, was selected as the 33rd Presiding Chieftain in 1962.

In 1941, George entered the United States Naval Training Program and in 1942 was commissioned a naval aviator. In 1942 George flew navy patrol bombers in 30 missions from England to Western Europe. In 1943 he found his way back to his base after being forced to abort a mission and land by parachute in darkness. In 1945 George flew 30 more missions from the island of Iwo Jima in the Western Pacific. The United States Navy commissioned George as a Captain and was awarded two Navy Distinguished Flying Crosses and five air medals.

Upon returning to civilian life in 1946, George entered Georgetown Law School where he graduated with honors and became a member of the District of Columbia Bar. In 1947, George was admitted to the practice of law in Missouri and joined his father, George H. Charno Sr. (Chieftain Loud Thunder) in the firm of Charno and Charno. From 1959 to 1963, George served on the City Plan Commission under Mayor H. Roe Bartle. In 1963, George was awarded with the Silver Beaver Award by the Kansas City Area Council (now Heart of America Council). He was also the first Chieftain to wear Hardway Claws.