The 2017 Kaw District Day Camp was a great success

with 150 cub scouts in attendance.

Achievements for 2017 Day Camp Listed by Rank

All ranks have earned the shooting sports patch.

Current Tigers

Tigers in the Wild requirements 2,3A,3B,3C

Games Tigers Play requirement 1A

Team Tiger Requirement 1

Current Wolves

Call of the Wild requirements 1C, 3A, 3B

Paws on the Path requirements1, 2, 4

Running with the Pack requirements 1, 2, 3

Air of the Wolf requirement 1A

Motor Away requirements 1A, 3

Spirit of Water requirements 1, 3

Currents Bears

Bear Necessities requirements 1C, 2

Fur Feathers and Fins     requirement 1

Paws for Action requirement 1

Grin and Bear It requirement 1

Current Webelo’s

First Responder Requirement 1,5A, 5C, 5E

Stronger Faster Higher Requirement 4, 6

Webelo’s Walk About Requirement 1, 2, 5


See you next year!