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Iron Horse Day Camp 2020:






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What is Day Camp?

This is a five day camp opportunity available to all Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts will come to camp each morning for a week to participate in several different activities and then head home at the end of afternoon.

Council and District staffs are currently planning the programs for the thousands of Cub Scouts who will attend camp in the Heart of America Council. These Cub Scouts shoot BB guns and bows and arrows; work on badges and Cub Scout belt loops; cook out; sing songs; learn about nature; make crafts; and play games. If you have not made plans to attend, you should!

The Pack must provide leadership and adult supervision for their Cub Scouts who attend Day Camp, plus provide for transportation to and from the camps. It is recommended that packs have at least one registered adult leader attend camp for every five to six Cub Scouts. The minimum number of adults required at Day Camp at any time is two, of which one of them must have completed Youth Protection Training. Everyone, including adults, must complete a Health Form to participate in Day Camp.

Camp takes place rain or shine, is easy to sign up for, provides a lifetime of treasured memories and is very inexpensive.

Day Camp Promotion

Day Camp is the highlight of the Cub Scout program each year!  We want to make sure all youth have the chance to attend Day Camp.  So to help you promote the Day Camp program, we will come to your pack to help you learn more about Day Camp, from beginning to end!

  • Who can attend Day Camp?
  • How do we find out who wants to go to Day Camp?
  • What do we do to recruit adults as Walking Leaders?
  • How do we pay for Day Camp?
  • What is a Den Home?
  • What if we have new Cub Scouts join our pack after signing-up for Day Camp and they want to do to Day Camp?  Can they go?
  • What sort of activities do you have at Day Camp?
  • What is the daily Day Camp schedule like?
  • If I know someone who wants to staff, who do I talk to about helping on staff?

These and more questions will be addressed during your Pack's Day Camp Promotion Presentation and during Day Camp Information Sessions and Trainings throughout the year.

Day Camp Fees & Payment Schedule

  • Day Camp Registration Form 2020 coming soon - Please register as a PACK!!  If you have Scouts from other units attending with you, they MUST register under their HOME UNIT!!
  • Units can also register online beginning on January 13th, 2020
  • Scouts paid in full on or before April 22, 20202 - $70 per scout
  • Scouts paid on or after April 23rd - $80 per scout
  • Scouts added at camp - $90 per scout
  • New Scouts (including new Tigers - new Kindergarten graduates) who register after April 22nd, will be offered the $70 rate at whatever time they sign up for Day Camp.
  • Day Camp Refund Policy - Day Camp refunds are NOT automatically given.  All refunds must be requested within two weeks of camp ending.  Please review the refund policy for further information

Iron Horse District Day Camp Calendar

Pack Coordinator Training TBD


Walking Leader Training TBD  
Walking Leader Training TBD  

Final Health form turn-in

Den Home Setup Fast Pass Only TBD  
Den Home Setup TBD  

Day Camp Leadership Team





Day Camp Director Mark Harvey 913.433.3081 mark.harvey@stmary.edu
Day Camp Program Director Nick Cooley 913.238.7551 cubmaster@pack3456ks.com
Day Camp Registrar Lori Kearns    
Day Camp Logistics Director Jim Savage 913.706.1657 pack3388@gmail.com
Day Camp Range Director Shawn Bullock   sbullocksunny@yahoo.com
Day Camp Staff Advisor Heather Martin 913.601.0615 heather.martin@scouting.org

Day Camp Forms