Upcoming International Events


July 27-Aug. 6 European Jamboree (EJ2020), Poland

Oct. 16-18 Jamboree-on-the-Air and Jamboree-on-the-Internet



July 19-29 16th World Sout Moot, Irland

Oct. 15-17 Jamboree-on-the-Air and Jamboree-on-the-Internet



Aug. 1-12 25th World Scout Jamboree, Korea


National Activity Centres Scotland volunteers

National Activity Centres Scotland is looking for volunteers from all over the world who want to have fun, make friends, and gain qualifications. You could be doing anything from leading a kayaking session to checking-in guests, to running a game for 50 Scouts. Based at either Lochgolihead National Activity Centre or Meggernie National Activity Centre, the view from your room could be anything from acres of beautiful woodland and mountains to lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

For more information click here.

European Jamboree 2020

 This is the first European Jamboree since 2005 so it is sure to be amazing! We are excited to announce that IST has opened back up and there are contingent spots still available! Visit https://www.scouting.org/international/events/european-jamboree-2020/ for more information and to register today! 

The Theme – ACT! 

1. Every Scout and Guide possesses the potential to become a driver of social change. So come to the Jamboree to WAKE UP and discover your power! You will interACT with Scouts and Guides of various cultures, various languages, and various countries.

2. Use your time at the Jamboree to LOOK AROUND (the Global Goals will guide you), to learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions, and inspiring workshops. 

3. Using your skills and knowing where the helping hand is needed, ACT and make a change in society. ACT wisely. ACT decisively.

Here is a link to Facebook information.

2021 World Scout Moot

Ireland is an island off the western coast of Europe. It is a wild and wonderful place with friendly people, ancient and lively culture, a place to lose and find yourself. The landscape is a mixture of mystical rural landscapes and wild and rugged western coastlands. Major international cities exist around the island – Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway. 

Traveling around Ireland is easy with extensive roadways, rail and bus links. The countryside can be explored via laid out trails and walk/cycle routes or just be exploring as you go. Some of the best scenery you could ever imagine is only 20 minutes away from its major cities.


The 16th World Scout Moot will take place in Ireland from 19th - 29th July 2021. The entry point to the Moot will be Dublin City. International Patrols will then explore the many wonders of Ireland on a collection of exciting and interesting trails in local countryside. The Patrols will then return to Dublin for the base camp feature of the Moot before returning home. 

The cost of the Moot will be confirmed shortly by the World Scout Committee but will be in line with the last Moot in Iceland and the World Scout Jamboree in the USA. 

Ireland is easily accessible via direct flights to Ireland or via major European hub airports. 

The Moot planning team will also include a pre-moot and post-moot support team for those participants who wish to spend a longer period in Ireland. Pre and post Moot program will be an additional cost to the Moot fee. 

For more information about the BSA contingent, please visit ww.scouting.org/international/world-scout-moot/ or email international@scouting.org.

World Support for Scouting - You can help!

The Boy Scouts of America and its International Department have created several avenues of financial support for the world Scouting movement. Perhaps the easiest way to help is the World Friendship Fund
The World Friendship Fund of the BSA offers a practical Good Turn opportunity for BSA youth members and leaders. Cash contributions are used to assist Scouting through the World Organization of the Scout Movement and through national Scout associations in developing countries. Tax-deductible contributions can be from individuals, units, camps, and training course groups. Unit participation in the World Friendship Fund offers a unique annual service project to benefit brother Scouts around the world.  
Need ideas on ways to help?  
  • Take up a collection at a Cub Pack meeting with an International Theme.
  • Put a donation can on the ticket table at your chili feed or pancake breakfast and ask guests to drop in spare change.
  • Donate the contributions from a district camporee "Scouts Own" Sunday service.
The ideas are endless.
Click here to download the World Friendship Fund information sheet and donation form.

Other ways you can assist are through these special funds, all listed on the BSA's International Scouting World Support webpage:

  • National Boy Scouts of America Foundation 
  • Baden-Powell World Fellowship 
  • Order of the Condor



“We receive this Light as a message of Peace to everyone—May all those who accept this Light pass on that Peace”

The Light has been brought from Bethlehem. For over a thousand years lamps have been continuously lit from the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel.

It has been transported all over the world by volunteers who carry the flame.

Each year, a child from Upper Austria fetches the light from the grotto in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The light is carried in two blast proof miner’s lamps on an Austrian Airlines jet from Tel Aviv Israel to Vienna Austria. From there it is distributed at a Service of Dedication to Scouts and Guides from across Europe who collect the Light, with its message of Peace and take it back to their own countries and communities passing on the Light on to others along the way. Austrian Airlines then flies the miner’s lamps containing the Peace Light from Bethlehem to New York City.

The goal is help the light spread like the branches of a huge tree rooted in New York and spreading across the continent.

Bring an oil burning lamp or enclosed candle to transport the flame. The flame maybe used in a pilot light in a furnace, stove or water heater, to permanently keep the flame burning. The flame is may be kept burning throughout the Christmas season and extinguished at the end of the season or on the Day of Epiphany, January 6th.

More information is available on-line at:www.Peacelight.org

Please let us know who has received this light and post a message on the Facebook group: Peace Light-North America

May the kindly spirit of Christmas spread its radiance far and wide,

So all the world may feel the glow, of this Holy Christmastide.

May this light of peace today that has travelled many miles,

Bring joy and hope to many, and fill each face with smiles.

So may every heart and home continue through the year,

Feel the warmth and wonder of this season of good cheer.

And may it bring us closer to God and to each other,

With every stranger known as friend, whether Sister or a Brother


Hosted by Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 55

Heart of America Council