Many talented and dedicated Tribesmen have led the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. In addition to the Chiefs and Chieftains, many Medicine Men have led the Tribe in its daily operations at summer camp. Those Tribesmen who have led the Tribe in the positions of Senior Medicine Man, Directing Medicine Man, Presiding Medicine Man, Recording Medicine Man and Ceremonial Medicine Man are listed below. Many of these dedicated Medicine Men were eventually elevated in status to Chief or Chieftain.

Over the years the titles of the men doing various jobs have changed. In the early days the Directing Chief pretty much ran the tribe. The Senior Medicine Man had the job of keeping the tribal records among his duties. The Directing Medicine Man may have been the Director of Camping. In the beginning there was only one camp. As a second and third camp were added this position became what we know today as the Reservation Director. About 1975 a volunteer filled the position of Directing Medicine Man and the position of Presiding Medicine Man was created to be filled by the Reservation Director. At one time there was the position of Ceremonial Medicine Man who took over some of the duties that are otherwise done by the Directing Medicine Man.

Senior Medicine Man

Directing Medicine Man

Presiding Medicine Man

Recording Medicine Man and/or Tribal Recorder

Ceremonial Medicine Man