High Trail District Leadership





District Chairman Bob Borgelt 816-304-0047 bob_borgelt@ajg.com
District Commissioner Brian Johnson 816-651-7246 nitehood@gmail.com
VC Finance Chair Mike Mosakowski 913-486-0674 mmosakowski@kc.rr.com
VC Membership Chair David McCaughey 816-918-8247 david.mccaughey@kelcontech.com
VC Program/Activities Tim Foster 816-217-5582 fosters4tl@kc.rr.com
Overall Roundtable Chair David McCaughey 816-918-8247 david.mccaughey@kelcontech.com
Cub Scout Roundtable Chair Jim Dietz 816-651-8875 jimbdietz71@gmail.com
Boy Scout Roundtable Chair Ben Stallings 816-918-2684 ben@fatboyelectric.com
Tiger Cub Den Leader Mentor Verna Ashcraft 816-456-4007 vernaashcraft@hotmail.com
Risk Management Chair Vacant    
Youth Protection Chair Vacant    
Advancement Chair Fred Bixler 816-213-6654 fred.bixler@att.net
Eagle Board of Review Chair Ray Seidelman 816-350-7438 rayseidelman@gmail.com
District Dinner Chair Vacant    
STEM Chair Vacant    
Training Chair James Freeman 816-524-1630 jfreeman@swansonmidgley.com
Cub Scout Training Chair Amber Woodrome 816-716-9697 woodrome364@gmail.com
Boy Scout Training Chair Vacant    
Merit Badge Counselor Training Chair Jim Bybee 816-868-7390 bybeejamesr@yahoo.com
Public Relations Chair Vacant    
Overall IIC Chair Mike Mosakowski 913-486-0674 mmosakowski@kc.rr.com
IIC Family Chair Joe Blackshere    
IIC Community Co-Chair Brian Osgood 816-520-8388 bosgood@kumc.edu
IIC Community Co-Chair Lisa Osgood 816-520-8389 laotgc@mail.missouri.edu
IIC Patron Lunch Chair Gary Strack 816-582-9538 gary.strack@skw-inc.com
Popcorn Kernel Joe Blackshere    
James E. West Daryl Plude 816-554-9636 drp2000@kc.rr.com
Membership Chair David McCaughey 816-918-8249 david.mccaughey@kel-tech.com
Cub Scout Recruiting      
Webelos to Scout Transition Chair Steve Turner 816-969-9445 sturner10@kc.rr.com
Boy Scout Recruiting Steve Turner 816-969-9445 sturner10@kc.rr.com
New Unit Chair Vacant    
Special Needs Stu Gardner 816-365-7768 stu0147@att.net
Relationships Chair      
Religious Emblem Coordinator Steve Mulford 816-718-0135 rsmulford@gmail.com
International Scouting Chair      
Camping Chair Larry Overfield 816-721-6482 larry-overfield@sbcglobal.net
Cub Scout Camp Promotion      
Boy Scout Camp Promotion      
Day Camp Co-Director Craig Goehring 816-623-3595 arnthor91@yahoo.com
Day Camp Co-Director Tim Phelps 816-366-0237 phelpstc@yahoo.com
Day Camp Program Director Lynn Goehring 816-590-9674 lynn@graphicgator.com
Cub Family Campout Chair      
OA Chapter Chief      
OA Chapter Advisor David McCaughey 816-918-8247 david.mccaughey@kelcontech.com
High Adventure Chair Dan Hughes 816-560-9582 dlh5400@aol.com 
Activities and Civic Service Chair John Burre 816-392-1518 John.Burre@yahoo.com
HOAC Special Events Kim Hein 816-578-4474 heinlake@comcast.net
Merit Badge Academy Ken Fuenfhausen 816-529-2971 registrar@MB-Academy.org
Day of Service Mike Lancaster 816-488-3774 mllancaster@kc.rr.com
Klondike Chair Jim Salisbury 816-868-0805 jsalisbury0110@gmail.com
Venturing Chair      
District Professional Staff      
District Director Daniel Hemphill 816-569-4961 daniel.hemphill@scouting.org
District Executive Jesse Miller 816-569-4982 jesse.miller@scouting.org