Dog Soldiers

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(as of May, 2016)
Alan Adams   Sagamore Keen Spear
Mark Agin   Warrior Friendly Flickering Torch
Robert K Albright   Warrior Star Above The Oak
Rodger N Alleman   Sachem Silver Lark
C Todd Allen   Warrior Son Of Little Singing Bell
Christy A Allen   Sachem Moon Spirit
David S Allen   Chieftain Laughing Cedar
Gerald Allen   Keeper of the Wampum Eagle Heart
Joseph Allen   Warrior Least Rising Golden Moon
Linda A Allen   Honored Woman Diamond In The Rough
Phillip C Allen   Warrior Big Balancing Star
Robert Alley   Warrior Loud Roaring Thunder
Charles Allis   Medicine Man Star Watcher
Curtis Allison   Firebuilder Night Flying Falcon
Jeffrey A Allison   Warrior Four Colored Falcon
Robert Almony   Warrior Back Packing Knot Tying Turkshead Braider Son Of Knife Maker
Lambert E Althaver   Firebuilder Star Of Fire
Eugene Amos   Warrior Crashing Lightning
Arthur A Anderson   Warrior Listens To The Small Wind
Ben Anderson   Warrior Big Cautious Cougar
John C Anderson   Tom-Tom Beater Soars With The Small Wind
Richard Anderson   Brave Sharp Sprouting Cedar
Shannon G Arbuckle   Warrior Swift Laughing Copperhead
Paul D Arend   Chieftain Piercing Arrow
Donald Dale Armbruster Jr   Firebuilder True Knife
Gordon Arnold   Warrior Blue Lake Of The Shining Mountains
Charles Tom Ashby   Sachem Little Powerful Thunder
James Aslakson   Shaman Little Redwing The Chief
Jerry Aubrey   Warrior Three Sons
Donald Austin   Warrior Silent White Hawk
W Harry Austin   Warrior Blue Beaver
Alisa Avenkamp   Honored Woman Wildflower On The Path Way
John Nick Badgerow   Sagamore Jumping White Horse
Rob Baird   Warrior Raging Elk Heart River
W Jack Baird   Sachem Friendly Nighthawk
Robert Balderston   Warrior Bright Shining Silver Star
Robert Balderston   Brave Bright Shining Silver Star
David Baldwin   Sachem Little Talking Arrows
Ronald Baldwin   Warrior Singing Toad
Mark D Balzer   Warrior Tall Standing Cloud
Julio Bambini   Sachem Crazy Ram
Lee Barewin   Firebuilder Silent Green Wood
H Roe Bartle   Chief Lone Bear
Jimmy Bartle Taylor   Sachem Lone Bear Princess
Phil Bartolotta   Warrior Swift Soaring Lone Eagle
Phillip Bartolotta   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Son Of Swift Soaring Lone Eagle
Bill Baskin   Tom-Tom Beater Little Many Storms
Ray Baucom   Warrior Twisted Pine
Jason M Bauer   Sachem Lightning Fast Falcon
Marcus D Baumgarden   Warrior Second Son of Great Friendly Young Rabbit
Hugh Baysinger   Tom-Tom Beater Watchful Eye
James Major Beasley   Warrior Great Silent Running River
James Larry Beauchamp   Warrior Peaceful Rising Sun
Daniel B Beebe   Warrior Great Friendly Young Rabbit
Marion Beebe   Shaman Friendly Young Rabbit
Patrick W Beebe   Brave Fourth Son of Great Friendly Young Rabbit
Alvin Beitchman   Medicine Man Winged Comet
David Bell   Warrior Least Watchful Pine
Gene Bellner   Sachem Shaggy Growling Bear
Arland Beltz   Keeper of the Wampum Big Fearless Running Wolf
Steve Bennett   Firebuilder Soft Glowing Ember
Timothy M Bennett   Shaman Son Of Sleeping Night Owl
Rex R Berglund   Warrior Evening Redbird
Steve Berko   Warrior Blue Eyed Owl In The Night Sky
Ralph Henry Bessmer   Runner Thinking Oak
Jerald Bethke   Sachem Swift Cutter Of Venison
Linda M Biever   Honored Woman Watchful Spirit Within The Wind
Brian Bigley   Sachem Little Fierce Red Eagle
Michael Bigley   Warrior Fierce Red Eagle
Robert Bigley   Warrior Gray Fierce Red Eagle
Charles W Bishop   Warrior Cool Clear Sparkling Crystal
David L Bitters   Tom-Tom Beater Friendly Red Spider
Michael R Blinn   Sachem Dreamer Of Eagles
Kurtis Blocher   Keeper of the Wampum Silent Tom Tom
Gary Bloomer   Sachem Stars Out Tonight
Gordon W Bockus   Warrior Slow Walking Moose
Harvey S Bodker   Chieftain Gleaming Crescent
Richard Tucker Boeshaar   Chieftain Thundering Black Rain
Edward Boles   Sachem Twin Little Ring Of Fire
Edward Boles Jr   Shaman Painted Colors
Ronald Bonewits   Keeper of the Wampum Hovering Hornet
Floyd T Boosmann   Medicine Man White Turtle
Robert Borgelt   Sachem Swift Rising Half Moon
Scott Bower   Warrior High Diving Thunderbird
Paul V Bowman   Warrior Big Silent Black Eagle
Ted Bowman   Firebuilder Screaming Thunder Hawk
Theodore Bowman   Warrior Great Screaming Thunder Hawk
Russell G Box   Sagamore Swift Singing Iron Horse
A Ralph Boxell   Sachem Red Flower
Byron Braamse   Keeper of the Wampum Two Moons Across Water
Richard Brackman   Firebuilder Running Smoke
Michael Morton Brady   Sachem Little Medicine Grinder
Scott M. Brant   Shaman Little Swift Burning Arrow
Ralph Brant Jr   Warrior Swift Burning Arrow
Alan L Braun   Warrior Strong Healing Wind
Cooper Charles Bredehoeft   Warrior Shadow of Reddening Horizon
Kent Bredehoeft   Firebuilder Reddening Horizon
Miles K Bredehoeft   Firebuilder Waiting Ember
Larry Brenton   Warrior White Thundercloud Of Spring
Lowell Brenton   Sachem Small White Thundercloud Of Spring
Lyndell Brenton   Firebuilder Little White Thundercloud Of Spring
Lloyd J Briggs   Chieftain Silver Running Bear
Ralph E Britz   Warrior Noble Wolf Warrior
William L Brizendine   Sachem Distant Star
Richard E Brown   Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear
Robert Brown   Brave Little Talking Crow
Robert Brown   Firebuilder Little Straight Rugged Oak
William Brown   Firebuilder Straight Rugged Oak
Lacy G Brown Jr   Sachem Flying Metal Chips
Melvin Browning   Warrior Walks In The Spirit
Donald L Brundage   Warrior Howling Dog Chasing Robins
Daniel Lee Bruning   Firebuilder Healing Free Spirit
Bernard G Bruns   Warrior Little Bright Buffalo
Walter Bublitz   Warrior Yellow Leaf Hickory
Duane Buckmaster   Warrior Swift Strong Silent Buck
Timothy Bugg   Chief Faithful Eagle
John Bullard Sr   Medicine Man Flying White Beetle
Christopher Burger   Warrior Watchful Hive of Bees
Dak Burnett   Sachem Lightning Heart
Bob Burnos   Warrior Old Gray Falcon
John W Burre   Warrior Burning Black Wasp
Charles Burry   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Silver Blue Smoke
John Burwell   Keeper of the Wampum Red Stinging Wasp
Steven Busch   Shaman Little Floating Birch Bark
James A Butler   Warrior Crooked Lone Oak
James R Bybee   Sachem Slow Dying Blue Flame
Dean Byrne   Brave Hovering Hawk
John W Cable   Warrior Soaring Sun
David Cahill   Firebuilder Hiding Gray Lizard
William Cahoon   Warrior Bald Flying Eagle
Paul D Calahan   Warrior Little Night Lizard
Corby Otis Calvin   Firebuilder Soaring Blue Star
Robert Canfield   Chieftain Big Spotted Sand Piper
Lynn Carlisle   Sachem Whispering Soft Wind
Dean A Carlson   Sachem Silver Gray Bear
George Carnall   Tom-Tom Beater Swift Answering Whippoorwill
Edward A Carpenter   Keeper of the Wampum Glowing Rock
Lloyd Carpenter   Medicine Man Bright Blue Spark
Neil Carriker   Sachem Long Calling Sparrow Hawk
John Carter   Warrior Grinning Wolf With Gleaming White Fangs
Everrett Cates   Sachem Swift Moving Silver Fox
H Louis Chandler   Chieftain Falling Branch
Edward S Chandler Sr   Medicine Man Silver Falling Branch
Will Channon   Warrior Bright Leading Light
Colleen Chapman   Honored Woman Little Forest Flower
Kyle D Chapman   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Raccoon Of Cunning And Skill
Terry Chapman   Sagamore Lone Shining Star
George M Chase   Sachem Swift Running Canoe
Marion Cheek   Brave Little Singing Bell
Robert Chevalier   Warrior With Turquoise Horse
Carl Chinnery   Firebuilder Little Radiant Setting Sun
David C Chinnery   Sagamore Mighty Brilliant Radiant Setting Sun
Keith Chrostowski   Runner Flashing Red Spider
Leo J F Cisper   Sachem Guiding Stone
Bill Clark   Warrior Tall Standing Pin Oak
Donald K Clark   Warrior Keeper Of The Long Lightning
Terry Clark   Warrior Hunting Fox
Thomas A Clark Jr   Sagamore Little Ash
Dennis G Cleveland   Sagamore Little Sleeping Flame
Bruce Clippinger   Sachem Quick Dolphin
Ronald Clond   Tom-Tom Beater Swift Running Cougar
Charles Madison Cobb   Firebuilder Little Golden Thrasher
Morris F Coburn   Keeper of the Wampum Great Standing Red Rooster
Debbi Cohen   Honored Woman Life Giver Watching Black Panther Swim
Steven Cohen   Warrior Sparkling Fire Shadow
Kenneth Cohn   Brave Moving Cloud
Sam Colville   Chieftain Strong Fighting Bass
Cindy G Cone   Keeper of the Wampum Daughter Of Big White Crashing Rock
Stuart W Conrad   Sagamore Darting Scorpion
M Jill Cook   Honored Woman Blue Eyed Mother Of Little Babbling Cub
John Cookinham   Sachem Beaver Soldier
John Cookinham III   Sachem Big Beaver Soldier
Lonnie Cool   Warrior Father Of Swift Leaping Fawn
Gary H Cortes   Tom-Tom Beater Little Watcher Of The Moon
Thomas Merel Corum   Firebuilder Little Chipped Arrowhead
Everett F Corwin   Warrior Falling Arrow
Rick Harold Cottrell   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Silver Canoe
Robert H Cottrell   Warrior Silver Canoe
Mark Coulter   Warrior Lone Black Cloud
Cliff R Cowherd   Medicine Man Fox
Sidney Craig   Warrior Oklahoma Soaring Eagle
Stephen Craig   Warrior Gray Winged Owl
Bill Crain   Sachem Least Strong True Hands
Christina M Crandall   Honored Woman Strong Cedar Otter
Stephen Crawford   Sachem Big Stalking Silver Moon
Henry J Creagh   Warrior Painted Frog
Jack Crewse   Warrior Night Bird From The Hills
Arthur H (Red) Cromb   Chieftain Strong Red Circle
Bruce Cummings   Firebuilder Swift Striking Gray Wolf
Robert A Cunningham   Chieftain Big Fast Trading Horse
Robert J Cunningham Sr   Warrior Slow Flying Blue Eagle
Ben Czerniewski   Warrior Lone Eagle Scout
Jerry W Daniel   Warrior Ember Soars To North Star
Bruce Davis   Chieftain Swift Streaking Comet
Jackson D Davis   Warrior Flame Of Great Spirit
Ronald E Davis   Warrior Growling Bear Seeking Wisdom
Richard Day   Sachem Wandering Blue Cloud
William Bruce Day   Warrior Circle
Bill Dean   Shaman Sweet Grass
William B Dean   Sachem Walks With Eagles
Fred Defeo   Medicine Man Dancing Golden Fire
Roy Charles Degenfelder   Chieftain Big Soaring White Eagle
Joe Dekat   Sagamore Little Rumbling Thundercloud
Leona A Dekat   Honored Woman Keeps Bears
Larry Delmont   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Red Spider
Mike DeMarea   Sagamore Six Moons
Michael J DeMarea Sr   Warrior Big Rainbow Sunset
Michael D Denning   Warrior Swimming Eagle
Ron DesCombes   Keeper of the Wampum Blue Snow Moon
Charity Dey   Honored Woman Proud Mother Of Turtle And Frog
Jacob K Dey   Tom-Tom Beater Swift Blue Turtle
Tom Dey   Warrior Proud Father Of Turtle And Frog
Robert Dickinson   Sagamore Least Swift High Water
Philip W. Dierking   Tom-Tom Beater Little High Flying Blue Goose
John Allen Dillingham   Sachem Growing Heart
James Dingwerth   Runner Rising Red Sun
David L Disney   Sachem Black Yellow Bear
Kathy Disney   Honored Woman Spirited Raven
W Rod Dixon   Medicine Man Clear Sunset
William D Dixon   Warrior Little Shining Golden Hawk
Kevin Dockery   Sachem Red Running Mustang
Daniel Dodson   Firebuilder Standing Buck
Keith Doel   Warrior Determined Oak
Darrell D Domann   Runner Cloud Dancer
Philip E Donaldson   Runner Golden Chipmunk
John Dorsch   Firebuilder Swiftly Soaring Eagle
John Eugene Downing   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Watching Pine
Andrew Dubill   Sachem Spotted Gray Eagle
Chris J Duboc   Warrior Soaring Desert Thunder Hawk
Benton S Duffett Jr   Sachem Fleeting Cardinal
George Dulas   Warrior Flaming Sunset
Larry Duncan   Keeper of the Wampum Quiet Hidden Buck
Terrence P Dunn   Chieftain Fast Wigwam Builder
Bruce Duvall   Firebuilder Swift Flying Brown Owl
Charles Dyer   Warrior Clear Silver Lightning
William Easley   Warrior Morning Sunrise On The Frontier
Jay Eaton   Runner Silver Shining Bird
Kasey A Eberth   Firebuilder Eagle Watching War Canoe
Vincent Edmondson   Medicine Man Meditating Owl
Arvid H Edwards   Medicine Man Horn Blower
James Edwards   Warrior Loud Seneca Beaver
Marc E Elkins   Sachem Moose Of Many Travels
Barnett Ellis   Sachem Swift Blue Quill
Douglas V Entriken   Medicine Man Winged Words
John L Erickson   Chieftain Little Creeping Leaves
Lucien Erickson   Warrior Thundering Hawk
C Dale Eriksen   Firebuilder Swooping Dove
William D Eshnaur   Warrior Silent Bounding Elk
William C Esry   Chieftain Little Brother Speeding Spear
David Evans   Warrior Swift Running Blue Skink
Julian Evans   Medicine Man Howling Fox
Levi I Evans   Sachem Wide Cedar
Allen D Fails   Warrior Buck Eye's River Otter
Michael J Falk   Warrior Crazy Tortoise
Mike J Faltermeier   Warrior Tall Trail Rider
G Douglas Farmer   Warrior Fast Flowing River
Larry H Fink   Warrior Dangling Spider
Richard V Fink   Warrior Spotted Dangling Spider
Bobby Drexel Finn   Sachem Big Distant Black Falcon
J C Flaherty   Keeper of the Wampum Little Silver Safe Wing
Bob Fletcher   Brave Swift Rippling Stream
Robert Fletcher   Warrior Descending Acorn
Dennis Flinn   Keeper of the Wampum Little Fleet White Bear
Donald C Flinn   Medicine Man Fleet White Bear
Michael S Flores   Warrior Bright Blue Star In The Midnight Sky
Mike Flores   Warrior Touch The Clouds
John Forbes   Warrior Learning Eagle
Joel Ford   Firebuilder Youngest Sun Always Shining
Andy L Fordemwalt   Warrior Shaggy Cedar
Kelly Foreman   Firebuilder Little Red Fireball
John Forsyth   Sachem Shapes Long Knives
Clifford Foss   Brave Crackling Evergreen
Clifford Foss Jr   Sachem Big Crackling Evergreen
Tim Foster   Keeper of the Wampum Little Sly Bobcat
Robert F Fountain   Warrior Flaming Tanager
Dennis D Francis   Warrior Gentle Blazing Tortoise
Herman H Frankenstein   Sachem Summer Sky
David W Frantze   Chieftain Silver Blue River
James Frederick   Warrior Shrill Whistle
William Frederick   Warrior Big Distant Blue Fox
Robert D Freeland   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Steady Spark
John Richard Freeman   Firebuilder Little Mad Moose
James F Freeman III   Keeper of the Wampum Seeks The High Trail
Murray Frick Sr   Sagamore Joyful Spark
Thomas Anthony Fritz   Brave Swift Gliding White Hawk
Lee Frost   Sachem Frosted Blue Spruce
Myrna K Frost   Honored Woman She Who Loved Shadow Dancer
Lee Fuerst   Firebuilder Little Wide Wake
Daniel Fuller   Warrior White Evening Star
David L Fuston   Warrior Swift Peregrine Falcon
Darrell Galloway   Warrior Gentle Autumn Oak
Noel Gardner   Runner Son Of Lone White Eagle
Stu Gardner   Warrior Lone White Eagle
Phil F Gaughan   Warrior Red Sky On Prairie
James R Gault   Warrior Garrulous Owl
Michael B Genge   Warrior Little Mighty Creeping Oak
Robert G Genge   Firebuilder Shadow Of Mighty Creeping Oak
Milton H Genge Jr   Warrior Mighty Creeping Oak
Hiram P Gensler Jr   Sachem Silent Rock
Delbert Gentzell   Warrior Angry Night Bird
W R Gilyeat   Warrior Smoky Trails
Gregg W Givens   Warrior Swift Fox On Water
Leonard A Goebel   Sachem North Wind
Jeffrey R Goertz   Keeper of the Wampum Night Lightning With Thunder
Doug Goodin   Keeper of the Wampum Little Scurrying Red Ant
John Gordon   Sachem Silver Flashing Arrow
Mike Gordon   Keeper of the Wampum Majestic Cedar
Peter O Grassl   Warrior Wise Crow Moon
Donald C Gray   Warrior Red Lightning
Brock Green   Firebuilder Little Son Of Black Bear Claw
Kenneth L Green   Warrior Four Owls
James A Green III   Sachem Bright Totem
Gary G Greene   Warrior Little Pale Sun
Thomas Gregory   Tom-Tom Beater Lone Blue Fighting Hornet
Robert Gribble   Warrior Lame White Buffalo
Michael Francis Grimaldi   Sachem Flashing Red Forest
Kenneth A Groh   Warrior Fast Flying Quail
Paul Groseclose   Tom-Tom Beater Silent Golden Night Owl
Jeffrey A Grubb   Keeper of the Wampum Little Deep Flowing River
Merlyn E. Grubb   Medicine Man Deep Flowing River
Aaron R Guest   Medicine Man Little Swift Moving Canoe
Travis S. Guest   Keeper of the Wampum Last Swift Moving Canoe
Kenneth E Guetlich   Warrior Talking Sky
Henry Guggenmos   Warrior Silent Crawling Copperhead
James L Guillaume   Shaman Little Walkalot
James E Guillaume   Warrior Wakalot
George D Gunn   Sachem Flying Oak
James Guthrie   Tom-Tom Beater Burning Hissing Branch
Barbara Haake   Honored Woman Lone Gray Feather
Dan Haake   Warrior Happy Talking Mouse
Allyn Haase   Warrior Wind Seeker
Frederick Hack   Medicine Man Big Leaping Red Ember
David Hagar   Warrior Papoose Healer
John R Haley   Warrior Tapping Woodpecker
Dean Hall   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Little Puma
Wayne Hall   Sachem Little Climbing Falcon
Casey Halsey   Chieftain Quaking Cottonwood
Lester D Ham   Medicine Man Big Four Shields
Howard Hamilton   Warrior Yellow Otter
Shawn Hamilton   Warrior Little Yellow Otter
Eric Hammock   Firebuilder Swift Striking Wolverine Of The Night
James C Hammontree   Medicine Man Silver Distant Fox
Jim Handley   Sachem Little Brown Swimming Beaver
John A Harger   Brave Little Jumping Beaver
Steven Hargrave   Warrior Silent Glowing Fire
Richard F Harris   Warrior Red Eagle Lightning Cloud
Rusty Harris   Warrior Whispering Tall Red Oak
Charles S Harrison   Warrior Returning White Wolf
William Harsh   Chieftain Friendly Buffalo
Gene Hartley   Sagamore Far Seeing Black Oak
Jeffrey S Hartmann   Warrior Reverent Stargazer
Floyd G Hastings Jr   Medicine Man Swift Wing Foot
Herman Hattaway   Sachem Searching Tiger
Mike Hawkins   Warrior Little Thundering Dark Cloud
Robert Hawkins   Warrior Swift Shooting Yellow Star
William Hawkins   Keeper of the Wampum Swift White Water
Raymond Sidney Hawks   Warrior Slender White Oak
James William Hayes   Medicine Man Fast Running Silver Fox
Ronald E. Hayes Jr   Sachem Guiding Firelight
E Earl Hays   Firebuilder Smoking Gray Ember
John A Heather Jr   Sachem Tall Fishing Eagle
Dennis D Heinitz   Warrior Buffalo Skull
Terry Heins   Warrior Leaping Gray Coyote
Carl H Helms   Warrior Thundering Air
Henry J Henkel Jr   Medicine Man Acorn Hunter
William R Henry   Sachem Yellow Hornet
Lewis H Herfordt   Sachem Darting Flame
Lewis N Herfordt   Warrior Big Darting Flame
N Jeffrey Herndon   Brave Swift Red Flying Arrow
Kenneth C Heubel   Warrior Rainbow Trout Swims In The Crystal
James J Higgins   Sachem Young White Cloud
Thomas Higgins Jr   Chieftain Wind In The Leaves
James Hill   Sachem Little Strong Healing Hands
Wilbur T Hill   Chieftain Strong Healing Hands
Dan J Himmelberg   Sachem Magic Knife
Thomas E Hines III   Sachem Lone Burro
Gail Hixson   Sagamore Red Thunder Spirits
Dail R Hobbs   Tom-Tom Beater Spiny Cactus
Alan Hochard   Warrior Hawk Soaring Over Trees
Lance Hodges   Runner Little Red Summer Tree
Aaron Hodson   Warrior Little Swirling Gray Cloud
Thomas Hodson   Medicine Man Swirling Gray Cloud
John J Hoefer Jr   Warrior Full Moon Over Still Water
Charles J Hoffman Jr   Chieftain Big Friendly Oak
James R Hogan   Chieftain Distant Murmuring Waterfalls
Earnest Holland   Runner Swift Soaring White Falcon
Luther Holland   Warrior Deep Silent Running Water
Margaret M Holley   Honored Woman Giver Of Roots And Wings
Thomas D Holley   Keeper of the Wampum Black Shirt
Darrell Hollingshead   Warrior Big Horse's Ghost
Kurt Hollingshead   Firebuilder Horse's Ghost
Marshall W Hollingsworth   Sachem Serving Beaver
John Holman   Warrior Least Running Buffalo
Timothy Holmes   Warrior Little White Flowing Cloud
Bruce Holmgren   Warrior Shimmering Northern Light
Dan A Holmgren   Firebuilder Reflection Of Shimmering Northern Light
Mark D Hood   Warrior Smiling Copperhead
Chris B Hooper   Warrior Flying Dark Eagle
Wesley Hougland   Warrior Little Stunted Cedar
Jim H Houk Jr   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Pleasant Calling Coyote
Roger Hoyt   Medicine Man Patiently Waiting Ram
William G Huber MD   Warrior Mighty Buck Deer
Dale Hudson   Warrior Teroplane
Robert Hudson   Firebuilder Least Golden Sand
Raymond Huesemann   Warrior Standing Shadow
Allen Huff   Sachem Least Little Smokey Eyes
Jack R Huff   Sachem Little Smokey Eyes
Leo R Huff   Warrior Smokey Eyes
Charles Huffman   Keeper of the Wampum Swift Swimming Brown Beaver
Daniel Lee Hughes   Sachem Sweeping Killer Hawk
Morris L Hughes   Runner Blue Dawn
William Humenczuk II   Warrior Southern Flying Crow
John Hunkeler   Sachem Guiding Hand
Robert R Hunt   Medicine Man Sun In The Sky
Bill Huston   Sachem Least Bright Flickering Blue Star
Clifford Illig   Chieftain Least Towering Maple
Kenneth Dale Ireland   Warrior Silver Moccasin
James H Jackson   Tom-Tom Beater Little Burning Green Pine
Joseph Jacobs II   Warrior Big Bold Bright Sun
Joseph G Jacobs III   Sachem Bold Bright Sun
Jacob F Jacobson   Warrior Fish Eagle
Thomas James   Warrior Bold Blue Beaver
James T Jennings Jr   Warrior Big Glowing Scarlet Ember
Max E Jeys   Firebuilder Kin Of Smokey Eyes
Bob Johnson   Sachem Silent Northern Light
Derek Johnson   Shaman Lost Wandering Grizzly Bear
Margaret E Johnson   Honored Woman Spirit Of The White Buffalo
Roger O Johnson   Sachem White Crashing Rock
Steven E Johnson   Sachem Mighty Silver Cloud
Thomas Johnson   Keeper of the Wampum Swooping Gray Eagle
Joseph E Johnson Jr   Chieftain Roaring Red Flame
Earl T Johnston   Warrior Red Sailing Cloud
Brent E Jones   Tom-Tom Beater Least Brings Game
Charles Jones   Firebuilder Soaring White Buzzard
George H Jones   Warrior Stone Circle
Kenneth Jones   Warrior Flying Silver Flake
Robert W Jones   Sagamore Running Thunderbird
Robert F Jones   Warrior Lightning Chaser
Shannon L Jones   Brave Swift Striking Black Bat
Charles A Jones Jr   Brave Floating Spark
Lorin A Jurvis   Medicine Man Skyward Spark
George Kahler   Sachem Swift Flowing Water
Norman Kahn Jr   Sachem Healing Snake
Michael A Kaufhold   Warrior Fierce Tall Grass
Dick Kaufman   Sachem Father Of Cold Silent Fire
Alan Kean   Warrior Darting Blue Beaver
Thomas L Keener   Warrior Great Mustang Rider
Charles Keller   Warrior Silver Haired Bear
Joshua S Keller   Warrior Sleek Shooting Red Fire Star
Bennett W Kelley   Warrior Bear Tooth
Kevin Kelley   Brave Swift Sailing Eagle
Kevin Kelley   Shaman Singing Silver Wolf
Kevin Kennedy   Sachem Flashing Sky In The Night
Warren W Kennedy   Chieftain Running Wheel
Dwight T Kerns   Sachem Swift Roaring Silver Bird
W Jeffery Kesner   Warrior Silent Watcher Of The Wind
William Kester   Sachem Great Whistling Whippoorwill
Kurt Killen   Warrior Twisting Talon
Barney Kinell   Firebuilder Three Spreading Oaks
Phillip E King   Warrior Black Buffalo
David Kirk   Tom-Tom Beater Wise Watchful Owl
I Raymond Kirk   Shaman Little Growling Grizzly
Phil Kirk   Chieftain Watchful Owl
Scott Kitzerow   Warrior Laughing Two Dogs
Robert N Kline   Keeper of the Wampum Winds Of The Coup
William Knapp   Shaman Little Running Moccasin
Thomas D Knox   Warrior Golden Owl
Robert Koch   Firebuilder Darting Orange Flame
Richard W Koogler   Chieftain Mad Drums
Daniel Jon Koontz   Sachem Eagle Bear
Robert Kramer   Warrior Creeping Red Spider
William Kramer   Warrior Angry Black Bee
Bernard Krasne   Warrior Eagle Of Life
Robert Krasne   Firebuilder Little Eagle Of Life
Edward T Kuklenski   Warrior Rising Red Tailed Hawk
James Kuklenski   Firebuilder Distant Flying Redtailed hawk
Joseph LaBella   Medicine Man Bright White Cloud
Steven Lacey   Keeper of the Wampum Silent Waning Silver Moon
Jeffrey LaHue   Sachem Little Swift Flying Knife
William LaHue   Chieftain Swift Flying Knife
Jerry A Lake   Sachem Gray Night Owl
Lawrence M Lampton   Sachem Swift Running Fox
Thomas Lanio   Sachem Least Swift Pony
Lloyd Lapore Jr   Warrior Humble Guardian Of Mercy
Richard Lapp   Warrior Little Friendly Breeze
Thomas R Latta   Medicine Man Running Beaver
Roger J Lawrence   Warrior Steady Running Timber Wolf
Jacob R Leaming   Warrior Guardian Protector On Steel Pony
Richard Ledgerwood   Sagamore Swift Quiet Hunter
Albert Lemoine   Firebuilder Little Yellow Sun
Albert N Lemoine Jr   Sachem Yellow Sun
Douglas Lenhart   Sachem Swift Whistling Wind
Hale Willson Lentz   Keeper of the Wampum Eastern Rising Flames
Thomas W Lenz   Chieftain Walking Two Feathers
F William Lewis   Chieftain Quiet Falling Rain
George A Lieberman   Chieftain Fading Red Cloud
William S Lieberman   Warrior Flaming Moss
Craig A Liljegren   Keeper of the Wampum Bright Painted Horse
Joseph W Lindsay   Medicine Man Iron Jaw
Henry Lines   Warrior Distant Chanting Crow
Charles Linn   Warrior Young Distant Cheering Locust
Donald Linn   Warrior Least Distant Cheering Locust
Louis G Linn   Sachem Cheering Locust
Thomas Little   Warrior Little Gray Jumping Jackrabbit
Stan W. Lloyd   Keeper of the Wampum Mustang Of Moonless Night
Mike W Lochmann   Warrior Soaring Eagle Scribe Of Treaties
James B Logan   Firebuilder Oak Cedar
Darrell Lohmolder   Tom-Tom Beater Little Distant Dancing Fire
Byron Long   Firebuilder Fast Fierce Falcon
Eric S Long   Firebuilder Little Lone Cunning Wolf
Herbert Long   Shaman Three Sons Oldest
Leo W Long   Warrior Little Red Corn
Robert A Long   Chieftain Big Fast Fierce Falcon
Barry Loughrige   Warrior Loud Calling Bird
William S Love   Sachem Tall Brown Elk
William Lowry   Tom-Tom Beater Chirping Chipmunk
Byron Jim Ludington   Warrior Raven
Gary Luff   Sachem Fleet Iron Horse
Mark Lundy   Warrior Pilot Rock Hawkeye
Ernie Lunsford   Warrior Gray Wolf Who Hunts By Moonlight
Jerry L Lyle   Firebuilder Tall Buffalo Who Walks Upright
John Kenneth Lyle   Sachem Big Buffalo Who Walks Upright
Michael D Lyster   Tom-Tom Beater Little Singing Axe
William R Lytton   Warrior Swift Running Eagle
David E Mabery   Sachem Quick Darting Blue Jay
John Mack   Runner Pale Wanderer
Harold Maddera   Warrior Sudden Rain
Hurley D Mahan   Sachem Iron Cedar
Brian Jay Main   Sachem Least Tall Broad Spruce
Thomas E Mais   Warrior Lonely Wolf Stalking Elk
Thomas Makinen   Warrior Lone Many Moons
John A Mann   Brave Twin Star
Thomas Marquis   Warrior Golden Law Man
Harry C Marshall   Warrior Swift Screeming Night Owl
Larry Martin   Warrior Silent Canyon
Richard Martin   Chieftain Long Lake
John C Martin Jr   Warrior Reverent Deer Of Forest Hill
David Mascal   Keeper of the Wampum Lone Awesome Opossum
Ronald Mathis   Firebuilder Singing Evening Locust
Kevin L Matson   Sachem Mighty Flying Golden Eagle
Richard W Mauntz   Sachem Little Ember
Ford Maurer   Warrior Whistling Fox
Michael L Maus   Warrior Watchful Silent Eagle
Renae P Maus   Honored Woman Red Stone Builder
Carmel Mazzocco   Keeper of the Wampum Mountain Spider Crossing Great Water
Donald McBeth Sr   Warrior Sturdy Running Provider
John McBurney   Sagamore Great Silver Long Knife
Patrick McCalmon   Tom-Tom Beater Little Charging Fire In Sky
Norman McCarthy   Sachem Swift Silent Stalking Wolverine
Christopher McCauley   Firebuilder Least Long Running Wheels
Michael McCauley   Sachem Little Long Running Wheels
Durwood McConnell   Sachem Swift Coiling Serpent
Beth L McCreight   Honored Woman Pouncing White Owl
David C McCreight   Warrior Soaring Highland Antelope
Kim D McCubbin   Warrior Spirit Lifter
Bill O McCully   Sachem Speedy Running Gray Fox
Alan McDermott   Sachem Little Soft Whispering Brook
John McDermott   Warrior Bright Blue Stone
John McDonald   Brave Little Fiery Red Rock
William E McGovney   Sachem Watching Lizard
Harold McGurk Sr   Warrior Fluttering Sparrow
Robert L McKim Jr   Warrior Eternal Blue Star
Mark McPhee   Warrior Little Truth Seeker
Brit R McPherson   Warrior Blue Barracuda
Michael Paul McRobert   Firebuilder Little High Flying Warrior
Scott McRuer   Sachem Mighty Descending Eagle
Bruce McWilliams   Warrior Roaming Razorback
Douglas W Meiser   Warrior Singing Silver Eagle
Ryan Mendenhall   Runner Little Fast Burning Cedar
Kenneth J Meulemans   Medicine Man Gleaming Fire
David A. Meyer   Sagamore Thundering Blue Eagle
Gene Meyer   Medicine Man Hooting Brown Owl
Michael Meyers   Sachem Tall Trail Maker
Leon H. Milburn   Warrior Watching Friendly Gray Squirrel
Brandon W Millam   Warrior Only Son Of Fast Burning Orange Flame
Steven Millam   Warrior Fast Burning Orange Flame
Bruce Miller   Warrior Whirling Green Leaf
Daniel F Miller   Warrior Airborne Spirit Thunderstorm Tracker
John D Miller   Warrior Eagle Chases Light
Mark Miller   Warrior Thundering War Eagle
Terry K Miller   Chieftain Least Painted Ground
Albert Mitchell   Warrior Great Sea Horse
William M Moberly   Keeper of the Wampum Lone Whispering Pine
Kenneth D Moburg   Sachem Little Sign Giver
Jon Terry Modlin   Warrior Friendly Curly Hawk
Robert M Moeder   Medicine Man Singing Night Owl
Tim Monsees   Warrior Swift Diving Legal Eagle
William N Monson   Medicine Man Sailing Silver Falcon
Dane Montgomery   Shaman Singing Son Of Little Black Leggings
Leonard Moore   Warrior Flashing Black Crow
Michael J Moran   Warrior Talking Wolf
James Morehead   Firebuilder Sure Footed White Pony
John B Moreno   Sachem Never Ending Spirit
LeRoy Morevitska   Firebuilder Singing Brown Chuckwill
Robert E Morgan   Warrior Struggling Beetle
Robert T Morgan   Warrior Little Struggling Beetle
Scott Morgan   Firebuilder Little Medicine Stick
Lyle W Morgan II   Sachem Shoots Straight Talker
Bob Morrison   Warrior Sleeping Wind
Paul Mosiman   Sachem Little Speeding Falcon
Joe Mowry   Keeper of the Wampum Little Hunting Bear
Bob Mulford   Warrior Great Barking Badger
Jenna M Murphy   Honored Woman Spirit Of The Fighting Irish
Gene R Myers   Warrior Lightning Ball
Matt Myers   Runner Stunted Oak
Matthew R Myers   Shaman Gliding Raven
William H Myers Jr   Sachem Flaming Fire
George H Myers Jr MD   Chieftain Swift Canoe
Kenneth Naylor   Sagamore Wolf Who Stands In Silence
Kevin Nelson   Sagamore Long Distance Runner
Radford K Nelson   Warrior Morning Rainbow
Gerald W Newland Sr   Warrior Flaming Sunlight
Donald Newman   Brave Little Far Flying Falcon
Donald Newman   Warrior Far Flying Falcon
Jeb Stuart Newman Sr.   Tom-Tom Beater Least Far Flying Falcon
Dennis D Nichols   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Falling Bright Blue Star
Jacob D Nichols   Warrior Guiding Gray Beaver
Harry E Nielsen II   Warrior Returning Spirited Gray Hawk
Ken E Nolan   Sagamore Little Strong Iron Claw
Kenneth Nolan   Warrior Loneliest Howling Wolf
Stephen Noll   Firebuilder Silent Swimming Beaver
Charles Norman   Brave Swift Red Ant
William C Norman   Warrior Big Running White Rabbit
Charles W Norman Jr   Sachem Running White Rabbit
Raymond D Norris   Keeper of the Wampum Little Lashing Flame
John D Novak   Warrior Spirit Of Many Rivers
Richard Novorr   Warrior Sleek Gliding Hawk
James B Nutter   Warrior Misty Oak
Garrett Leland O'Dell   Keeper of the Wampum Mighty High Eagle
Galen L Oden   Runner Sparkling Stone In The Sky
Richard Ogden   Keeper of the Wampum Oak Valley Healer
Ricky Ogden   Sachem Swift Stealthful Spider
Edward Older   Sachem Yellow Deer
James L Olshefski   Sachem Lone Tall Straight Oak
Christopher Lance Olson   Shaman Vigilant Shield
Thomas J Olson   Warrior Mountain Owl
Tom Olson   Warrior Scarlet Helping Hand
John O'Neal   Runner Many Broken Wing
Louis O'Neal   Chieftain Fading Silver Star
Michael J O'Neil   Sachem Swiftly Descending Silver Eagle
John Robert Osborn   Sachem Singing Wasp
Brian M Osgood   Sachem Thundering Elk In The Forest
Charlie M Osgood   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Swift Mischievous River Otter
Lisa A Osgood   Honored Woman She Who Wished On Falling Star
Christopher Ottinger   Warrior Flowing White Cloud
Robert Oursler   Shaman Calling Gray Squirrel
Edward Owen   Warrior Straight Cutting Knife
John Owen   Runner Great Shining Silver Rock
Steven Owsley   Warrior Mighty Whistling Wind
Phillip S Page   Warrior Rising Bear From Water
Leslie R Parker   Firebuilder Big Quiet Leaf
Richard Parmeter   Sachem Sound Sleeping Mountain Lion
Christopher Parry   Brave Bold Striking Scorpion
Louis Paszynsky   Medicine Man Counselor Of The Young
Robert Wayne Payne   Firebuilder Blazing White Ember
Skip Peavey   Sachem Little Flying Aspen Leaf
Roger K Peck   Warrior Iron Builder
James E Peek   Brave Glowing Burning Cedar
Joseph P Pepper   Sachem Spreading White Cedar
John P Peter   Keeper of the Wampum Thunder Heart
Jerry Phelps   Warrior Soaring Eagle Storm
Chris Phillips   Runner Son Of Silver Spark
Clifford John Phillips   Chieftain Far Away Hawk
Robert A Phillips   Warrior Gnarled Oak
Vernon Phillips   Shaman Distant Silent Moon
Lester W Pierce   Medicine Man Fierce Piercing Arrow
Roland Plude   Warrior Golden Osprey Of Quinnehtakqut
Stanley Hoyt Pohling   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Silent Striking Ferret
Alan Poisner   Firebuilder Silver Flame
James Poplinger   Sachem Yellow Horse Keeper
John T Porter   Brave Poison Rock
Richard V Porto   Sachem Turning Steel
Sal Porto   Warrior Big Turning Steel
Larry Ross Potts   Medicine Man Howling Gray Fox
Virgil W Potts   Sachem Big Howling Gray Fox
Robert L Powell   Runner Flying Golden Hawk
Joe B. Powers   Sagamore Least Bright Traveling Star
Philip E Pretti   Sachem Benevolent Beaver
Louis Proctor   Tom-Tom Beater Bashful Gray Squirrel
Chris Propst   Tom-Tom Beater Little Low Soaring Eagle Over The Point
Dave Propst   Warrior Low Soaring Eagle Over The Point
Chris A Pugh   Warrior Frolicking Otter
Ronald T Puls   Keeper of the Wampum Stalking Red Wolf Of The Timber
Stephen R Purdy   Shaman Birch Bark That Binds
Roy Radabaugh   Warrior Great Prowling Cougar
William R Radford   Warrior Protector Of Wood
Jerry Raggett   Warrior Walks In Moonlight
Alan Ralston   Sachem Thunder Drums
Robert A Ramseyer   Keeper of the Wampum Falling Tree
Jeremiah Randolph   Warrior Distant Thundering Arrow
Richard J Randolph Jr   Warrior Thundering Arrow
Richard C Ray   Chieftain Little Dying Elm
Samuel C Reaves   Chieftain True Heart
Thomas John Rebecchi   Keeper of the Wampum Swift Falling Leaf
Earl B Reed   Warrior Many Singing Locusts
Neil Bruce Reed   Chieftain Flying Red Flame
Stephen J Rehrer   Warrior Sacred Fishing Eagle
Julian Reichman   Warrior Feather In The Sky
Jimmie L Reid   Brave Smoky Eyed Raccoon In The Night
Richard Renfro   Warrior Tajo
John Charles Reppert   Runner Makes Tepees Safe
James Reuland   Firebuilder Last Flying Lights
William Reuland   Warrior Flying Light
Jack Revare   Warrior Little Trailing Hound
Steven Lake Revare   Firebuilder Young Trailing Hound
Charles E Rich   Sagamore Phantom Hawk
Charles W Rich   Medicine Man Big Phantom Hawk
James Rich   Brave Coiling Copperhead
Erik Richardson   Warrior Silent Watching Hawk
James Richter   Warrior Stomping Buffalo
F E Rick   Warrior Lone Gray Cloud
Scott A Ricketson   Warrior Spirit Of The North Star
Edward Rieck   Warrior Silent Silver Otter
David Riker   Sagamore Powerful Swift Flying Squirrel
Charles R Rinehart   Sachem Crow Feather
Charles Rinehart   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Least Crow Feather
James B Rinehart   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Drowning Horse
David Allen Ritsch   Warrior Shining Suns
Timothy E Ritter   Warrior Limping Healer
David Roberts   Sachem Least Screeching Bald Eagle
Douglas A Roberts   Sachem Thundering Night Silence
Henry G Robertson   Warrior Morning Ghost Moon
Thomas W Rodman   Sachem Gray Arrow
Ricky Allan Roesch   Warrior Mighty Wolf Who Stands In The Moonlit Valley
Philip Rogers   Sachem Glass Moon
Scott Rogers   Warrior Lone Running Mustang
Michael Roper   Brave Bold Black Hawk
Walter Rosebrough   Warrior Laughing Stream
Walter Rosebrough Jr   Warrior Little Laughing Stream
David J Ross   Warrior Bull Elk
Doug Ross   Keeper of the Wampum Swift Lone Eagle
Edward C Ross   Medicine Man Bright Storm
David J Ross II   Chief Speaks With Eagles
Kevin Roth   Keeper of the Wampum Younger Angry Glowing Fire
Harold E Rouse Jr   Sachem Sizzling Firewood
Mike Rubison   Warrior Thunder Spirit
David R Rudaitis   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Smoking Silver Bear
Andrew Scott Russell   Warrior Swift Stinging Red Scorpion
Brett H Russell   Shaman Dark Cloud Of The Silver Moon
Ralph Russell   Warrior Flying Little Silver Hawk
Jeromy C Rutledge   Warrior Great Cleansing Thunderstorm
Ann Salisbury   Honored Woman Steady Climbing Bear
Alan Sanders   Medicine Man Iron Grizzly
Steven Sanders   Firebuilder Swift Charging White Buffalo
Marvin E. Sands, Jr.   Sagamore Fast Swooping Cherokee Falcon
Paul Satterfield   Tom-Tom Beater Young Dancing Tomahawk
John A Schatzel   Warrior Distant Raven
David A Schlader   Warrior Peaceful Calling Loon
Paul Schleicher   Warrior Healer Of Green Mountain
Don Schlotzhauer   Warrior Black Cat Hunting
Richard Schmidt   Chieftain Big Burning Feather
Gene Schoettlin   Brave Peace Axe
Bryan Schumacher   Sachem Little Maker Of Moccasins
Jack E Scogin   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Swift Climbing Lizard
Ken Scott   Sachem Gently Falling Rain
Kenneth A Scott   Shaman Least Streaking White Star
James Scrivener   Warrior Little Whispering Blue Fire
Ed Seamands   Sachem Silent Moving Oak
Russell W Seidelman   Tom-Tom Beater Loud Son Of Angry Buzzing Wasp
Ray Seidelman III   Warrior Pride Of Angry Buzzing Wasp
Ray G Seidelman Jr   Keeper of the Wampum Angry Buzzing Wasp
Jack A Selsor   Warrior Great Silent Soaring Spirit Hawk
James Selsor   Warrior Silent Soaring Spirit Hawk
Justin T Selsor   Warrior Son Of Silent Soaring Spirit Hawk
Mark Semke   Tom-Tom Beater Little Silent White Whirlwind
Robert Semke Jr   Runner Silent White Whirlwind
Charles Serslev   Warrior Big Snarling Wild Dog
Michael K Shafe   Warrior Mending Spirit
Barbara D Shaffer   Honored Woman Songbird Mother Of Bright Flaming Waters
Mal Shafran   Warrior Great Silent Fighting Copperhead
Zack Shafran   Shaman Silent Fighting Copperhead
Ralph E Shalda   Warrior Laughing Polar Bear Of Two Hearted River
Charles H Shanklin   Medicine Man Tumbling Cloud
Stuart Sharp   Warrior Howling White Wolf
John R Sheehy   Warrior Guiding Arrow
Claude W Sherwin Jr   Sachem Flying Squirrel
Chris N Shipley   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Deer Glowing In The Light Of The Moon
Irma Sue Shirk   Sachem Night Running Mustang
Robert Shirk Jr   Warrior Rising Pheasant Of The Winter Sun
Richard Shull   Warrior Little Friendly Star
James G Shull Jr   Tom-Tom Beater Friendly Star
Byron C Shutz   Warrior Wheeling Hawk
Andre E Sidney   Runner Son Of Tall Standing Blue Flame
Mark S Siedlik   Warrior Coyote Runs
Robert Simmonds   Sachem Bad Old Bear
Ernest D Simmons   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Ever Screaming Woodpecker
J E Simmons   Warrior Large Laughing Buffalo
James Simmons   Sachem Flaming Branch
Jim Simmons   Tom-Tom Beater Little Flaming Branch
Randy Sims   Medicine Man Shield Of The Wolf
Daniel Sisco   Sagamore White Buffalo Guard
James Sisco   Sagamore Great White Buffalo Guard
Robert Sisco   Keeper of the Wampum Little White Buffalo Guard
Steve Siu   Warrior Bone Cutter
Terry Skinner   Warrior Smoke And Thunderstick
Mike Smid   Warrior Quiet Working Bison
Gary L Smith   Firebuilder Fiery Red Cloud
Harold F (Cotton) Smith   Chieftain Spirit Fire
Leroy Smith   Sagamore Swift Racing Hawk
Marion E Smith   Warrior Ringing Hammer
Marion Smith   Warrior Descending Red Cloud
Mark Patrick Smith   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Son Of Falling Sparks
Scott Smith   Keeper of the Wampum Son Of Spirit Fire
Sonya S Smith   Honored Woman Princess Spirit Fire
Donavan N Smith Jr   Warrior Fiery Mountain
Norman A Smith Jr   Sachem Big Brown Trout Rising
Michael R. Snell   Sachem Young Swift Spotted Lizard
Kendall N Snyder   Shaman Fishing Blue Bear
Donald Soetaert   Warrior Swift Running Brown Rabbit
Duane Soper   Sachem Swift Flying Crazy Crow
Bill Spies   Warrior Sweltering Dusty Oak Trail
Greg Spies   Sachem Last Distant Glowing Red Ember
Weldon L Sportsman   Sachem Big Sturdy Hickory
Richard Sprague   Firebuilder Little Swift Painted Deer
Steven B Springer   Sachem Fighting Nighthawk
Charles Staake   Warrior Fleeting Free Horse
Josiah Stansbury   Sachem Wandering Owl
William H. Stark   Warrior Walks Night Horse
John Philip Starr   Chieftain Leaping Star
Richard Steinhelder   Warrior Little Bends Spear
Milton Steinzeig   Keeper of the Wampum Signal Drums
James W Stephens   Chieftain Day Rider
Albert E Stewart   Sachem Fiery Cloud
Mical Stewart   Firebuilder Little Fiery Cloud
Tim Still   Warrior Big Silent Hunting Copperhead
Mike Stitt   Warrior Guiding Night Star
Donald L Stonger   Sagamore Pointed Leaf
Michael G Stonger   Firebuilder Least Pointed Leaf
Arthur B Stoppelman   Warrior True Blade
Brad Strecker   Sachem Silent Stalking Night Fox
David Street   Tom-Tom Beater Calling Lark
Brian J Streich   Warrior White Eagle Dancing
Larry A Strickland   Sachem Laughing Silver Owl
Charles G. Strong   Warrior Northern Moose
Donald F Studnicka   Sachem Turning Wings
Michael D Sulgrove   Keeper of the Wampum Lone Yellow Falcon
Michael Sullivan   Brave Steel Thorn
Robert Sutton   Brave Swift Running Ferret
Michael Swanson   Warrior Red War Arrow
Randall Swetnam   Warrior Least Sparkling Grass
Philip F Symmonds   Sachem Follows Two Wolves
Edward Sympson   Medicine Man Star That Falls
Phillip Edwin Taggart   Warrior Gold Guardian Eagle
Bernard R Tanner   Sachem Silent Fire
Keith E Tansey   Warrior Healing Hand Knowledge Seeker
James W Taylor   Warrior Shining Silver River
Joseph A Taylor   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Blue Signal Oak
Kenneth H Taylor   Chieftain Signal Oak
S Jon Taylor   Warrior Traveling Hawk Diving In Deep Water
William Chalmers Tempel   Chieftain Shining Image
Kevin Bruce Templin   Warrior Stealthy Flying Eagle
John T Tengdin   Warrior Crossed Trees
Robert C Tengdin   Firebuilder Little Crossed Trees
James J Terry Jr   Chief Eagle From The Sun
Floyd Thomas   Sagamore Streaking Star
James Thomas   Warrior Brilliant Dancing Night Flame
James M Thomason   Sachem Little Voice That Carries
John S Thornton   Medicine Man Cheering Brown Locust
Donald C Thurmon   Sachem Big Dusty Roads
Michael Tillery   Firebuilder Little Silent Tracker
Dave W. Timpe   Warrior Soaring Eagle At Dawn
Duane Titus   Warrior Grizzly Wolf
Elsworth Titus   Warrior Tall Bow
Richard B Titus   Firebuilder Little Tall Bow
Mark Tomes   Sachem Swift Low Flying Pheasant
Cliff Tozier   Chieftain Long Legs
Mark Trammell   Sachem Great White Rock
Sykes Emil Trieb   Tom-Tom Beater Flaming Wood Bird
Ralph G Trogdon   Chieftain Heat Moon
Robert Trudeau   Warrior Gray Bear
James D Tucker   Warrior Least Carries Many Birch Bark
Shannon L Tucker   Sachem Stalking White Cougar
Donald E Tuckness   Keeper of the Wampum Flying White Star
Judy K Tuckness   Sachem Proud Woman Of Flying White Star
Sterling Tuckness   Shaman Second Son Of Flying White Star
Tyler N Tuckness   Shaman Son Of Flying White Star
Shawn P Tunink   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Silver Seal
Ellis W Tuter   Tom-Tom Beater Least Little Lone Cunning Wolf
Larry Tyrl   Sachem Bright Flashing Firefly
Hugh A Van Deursen   Sachem Swiftly Shooting Satellite
Lloyd Riley Vance   Warrior Little Flaming Blue Torch
M Frances Vandenberg   Honored Woman Princess Racing Iron Horse
W J Vandenberg Jr   Sagamore Racing Iron Horse
William J Vandenberg Sr   Sagamore Big Racing Iron Horse
Thomas W VanDyke   Warrior Little Straight Shooter
Jody A VanWey   Honored Woman Weaves Many Color Dreams
James Velghe   Sachem Strong Swaying Oak
L Don Veltum Jr   Warrior Bright Living Ember
Gerald Verstoppen   Warrior Still Blood
Julian Viso   Warrior Southern Jaguar Mastering Fire
Melody Volek   Honored Woman Singing Moon
Thomas Volek   Medicine Man Least Lively Gray Beaver
Jim Vredenburgh   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Lone Thundering Wolf
Merle Gene Walker   Chieftain Sparkling Grass
Dan E Walstrom   Sachem Wet Red Spotted Turtle
Paul E Walters   Firebuilder Little Flaming Tall Grass
Eric Walther   Firebuilder Star Trail
Dennis R Warnecke   Sachem Silent Red Bear
Mark Warnick   Keeper of the Wampum Second Son Of Flying Redbud
Devin W Warrington   Sachem Blue Eyed Eagle
Jim Wasko   Sachem Standing Tall Totem
John Wassberg   Warrior Mystic Crescent Moon
Harlan E Watkins   Keeper of the Wampum Little Whispering Fern
Michael Watkins   Tom-Tom Beater Little Black Moon
John D Watson   Brave Little Thunder Of The Night
Robert A Watson   Firebuilder Quick Gray Fox
Dale Watts   Warrior Vanishing Star
Carolyn J Wear   Honored Woman Strong Swift Dancing Water
Myrl Wear   Keeper of the Wampum Standing Strong Rock
George Weaver   Sagamore Swift Flying White Whippoorwill
Richard Wegner   Sachem Arrowed Hawk
Thomas E Weiford   Warrior Silent Red Arrow
Peter J Weiland   Sachem Big Swift Soaring Eagle
Richard Weiland   Medicine Man Walking Asking Bear
Wayne Weimer   Chieftain Tall Wolf
Larry Weinstein   Warrior Fiery White Sky
Ben Weir   Warrior Spreader Of Good News
Keith Weisz   Warrior Big Breath Of Flames
Larry Werth   Sachem Solitary Buffalo
James Wertz   Tom-Tom Beater Running Iron Horse
Wayne Westfall   Firebuilder Moon Magic
Daniel H Wheatcroft   Chief Crazy Eagle
Richard G Wheeler   Tom-Tom Beater Tree That Talks
Jack Whitacre   Warrior Rapid White Water
Ross Whitacre   Keeper of the Wampum Small Rapid White Water
Robert Whitaker   Sachem Distant Fish
Darren E Whitcher   Warrior Midnight Otter
David A White   Warrior White Burning Cedar
Lee Whitman   Warrior Faithful Running Bear
Jerry L Wickersham   Warrior White Wolf Of The Thunder Moon
Edward Wiedenmann   Warrior Climbing Red Squirrel
John F Wilcox   Keeper of the Wampum Whispering Jay
Delvin Wilkinson   Chieftain Trailing Gray Cloud
Joseph Wilkinson   Sachem Fearless Soaring Falcon
Bruce R Williams   Warrior Long Wandering Healer
Homer Williams   Sachem Least Perching Robin
Kenneth Williams   Warrior Smallest Shining Blue Spruce
Charles R Wilson Jr   Sachem Shadow Spirit
Christopher Wilt   Sachem Wild Flying Horse
Albert Winemiller   Warrior Long Tepee
Edwin Winfrey   Firebuilder Little Quivering Nighthawk
Larry Winn Jr   Chieftain Blazing Ember
Michael Wise   Firebuilder Star Wolf
Richard Witt   Sagamore Counter Of Beads
Russell Wittig   Sachem Many Wise Stars
Daniel W Wohlford   Sachem Great White Birch By Cool Water
Dennis Ray Wolf   Sachem Lone Cunning Wolf
Stephen Wolf   Sachem Quiet Pool
William Wolf   Warrior Big Swift Running Lone Wolf
Gerald Wolfskill   Warrior Winging Blue Jay
James Clifton Woner Jr   Warrior Big Pointing Leaf
Keith Wood   Medicine Man Badger Hawk
Robert A Wood   Sagamore Shining Hawk
Richard E Woodling   Warrior Noisy Thunderbird
David P Woodman   Medicine Man Painted Elk
Robert Woods   Warrior War Star Healing Wolf
Rufus Woody III   Warrior Lightning Owl
Steven Ray Woolf   Keeper of the Wampum Fierce Gray Timber Wolf
Brent W Worley   Sagamore Son Of Swooping War Eagle
John Worley   Warrior Soft Walking Cougar
Dean Kenneth Wren   Medicine Man Glowing Yellow Star
Frank Wright   Chieftain Red Leg Eagle
Ronald Dean Wright   Warrior Swift Silver Moon
William H Wright   Warrior Cracking Twig
Paul Yager   Warrior Big Sacred Lightning Bolt
Darrell Yates   Shaman Image Maker
David G Yeamans   Warrior Soaring Iron Falcon
Nancy Yendes   Honored Woman Happy Showers
Alan York   Sagamore Little Swift Burning Leaf
Ronald Youmans   Warrior Gentle Morning Sun
Kenneth E. Yunker Jr   Sachem Silver Tailed Comet
Frederic Zehnder   Sagamore Big Red Prairie Wolf
Ken Zelk   Medicine Man Trailing Blue Smoke
Jerry Zevecke   Warrior Rising Three Eagles
Michael Zuk   Warrior Teaches Many