• Review The District, No. 33070A, and the Highlight book for your position. Discuss the role of the district and your position with your committee chairman or district executive.
  • Complete the District Committee Training Workshop.


Complete at least 3 years of registered tenure as a District Committee Member within a 5-year period.


  • Your district must earn the Quality District Award at least once within a 3-year period.
  • Take part actively in six district committee meetings.
  • Help give leadership to eight projects of your operating committee or other projects as approved by your district executive (organizing a unit, running a training course, planning a camporee event, completing an FOS assignment, etc.).

* Note: This award can be earned from different programs. For this award a miniature device pins can be worn which indicates the program phase where the award was earned. One does not wear multiple copies of the same square knot, but can wear multiple miniature device pins on a square knot.