Day Camp may of gone extinct this year, but now explore Beneath the Sea with this FREE template for your pack or den to utilize for additional summer adventures! All the items needed can be found around your household, diving deep into the sea and learning about creatures that live below, water conservation and much, much more!

2020 Beneath the Sea Summer Activity Resources

Get ready for a "dino-mite" summer experience with Cub Scout Day Camp and Jurassic Cubs! From archery and sling shots to sports and STEM, one summer camp stands out when it comes to preparing kids for life. We’re talking about Cub Scout day camp.

So just what is Cub Scout day camp?

  • Children in incoming grades first through fifth

  • Day camps are not overnight camps. They involve four to five days of daytime activities outdoors.

  • Day camps usually focus on Scouts earning achievements based on nature, cooking, shootings sports, crafts and most importantly, FUN!

Cub Scout day camps are distinct from other summer camps in that they prepare younger children for overnight camping by building their outdoor skill sets. So while your seven year old may not be ready to head out for a week of camping quite yet, he may be prepared to camp with his pack after a few years of Cub Scout day camp.

Adult leadership is critical to having a great camp experience. The Pack must provide leadership and adult supervision for their Cub Scouts who attend Day Camp, plus provide transportation to and from the camps. It is recommended that packs have at least one registered adult leader attend camp for every five to six Cub Scouts. Just like all Scouting activities, two deep leadership must be followed and Youth Protection Training completed for all adults. Everyone must complete parts A and B of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

Who Can Attend?

Any registered Cub Scout (including kindergarten graduates) may attend day camp.

Registration Information:

There will be no late fees this year due to Covid-19. All Scouts will be $70. Registration "preferred" deadline is June 8th to help camps plan for program supplies and upcoming camp needs. 

Day Camp Refund Policy - Please review the refund policy for further information. For the 2020 camping season, a new refund policy is in place to issue refunds due to to Covid-19. 

What Time Do They Start?

Most day camp programs start around 9:00 a.m. and end around 3:00 p.m. each day. They usually run for four to five days in a row. Your district will provide a Walking Leader’s Guide for your adults, which will have specific schedule of times and programs. If you do not know what district you are in or are unable to reach your district’s day camp director, please contact the Heart of America Council at 816-942-9333 or 800-776-1110. They will put you in touch with the District Executive serving day camp in your area.

Trading Post

A Trading Post is available at camp from which souvenirs can be purchased. Your pack can pre-order items for adults and Den Chiefs, but it is not required.  Adults and Den Chiefs can pre-order t-shirts, patches and coffee tumblers. Orders may be purchased through the online link below per your respective camp.

The following is the complete schedule for day camps offered by the Heart of America Council for the 2020 Camp Season. Please contact these volunteers or your District Executive for more information regarding you district's day camp, or to volunteer to serve on staff.


District Contact
Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Day Camp Dates Location




Lone Bear 


Blue Elk 

Three Trails 

Jessica Campbell

George Owens Park

North Star 


Jeff Adams


Platte County Fairgrounds

Iron Horse
Soaring Eagle

Mark Harvey

Camp Timberlake
8285 W 179th St

Paul Taylor
  Camp Bromelslick
682 N 100 Rd
Lawrence, KS


Andrew Boyer
Shawnee Indian Mission
3403 W 53rd St
Spirit Trail

Laura Crotty
Camp Reeder
706 Ash St

Day Camp Resources