Cub Scout Family Camping

When a boy and his family joins Cub Scouting, they join an organization that values the fun and excitement of experiencing the outdoors. Each Cub Scout Pack is encouraged to provide it's youth members with enriching, positive outdoor activities. In addition to Cub Scout Day Camp, Bear Resident Camp, and Webelos Camp as part of the pack's annual plan, Pack Family Camping or Pack overnighters can be an exciting addition to your pack's program.

Pack overnighters are pack-organized overnight camping activities involving more than one family from your pack, with the program focused on age-appropriate Cub Scout activities and conducted at a Council Approved Pack Camping Location. If nonmembers (siblings) participate, the program must be structured to accommodate them.

This type of activity may well be the first time a Cub Scout and his family has experience the fun and excitement of camping in the outdoors. Careful program planning and adherence to the BSA's health and safety policies found in the Guide to Safe Scouting and Youth Protection guidelines will assure a positive experience for your pack, the Cub Scout and his family.

To begin with, each youth member must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian and, in all cases, each youth participant is responsible to a specific adult who is on the overnight. Adults giving leadership to a pack overnighter must complete Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO Training), and be present on the camp-out as well. BALOO trains participants to properly understand the importance of program intent, Youth Protection guidelines, health and safety, site selection, age-appropriate activities, and sufficient adult participation.

If a Tour Plan is required, it must be filed with the Heart of America Council three weeks before the pack's overnight camping trip, and must be for one of the Council Approved Pack Camping Locations. If your desired location for your pack's overnight camping experience is not on the list of approved sites, you may request that your site be inspected by the Heart of America Council's Risk Management Committee by submitting the location to Britt Davis. Please allow four weeks notice.


Fall 2017 Family Campouts

Cub Family Campouts are designed to be a new Cub Scout's first adventure with Scouting!

Families can attend any weekend (even more than one) and participate in fun Scouting activities at our amazing Scout Reservations. Multiple activities will be offered including rocket launches, BB guns, archery, and more!  

Cub Family Campout Guidebook


Council Approved Pack Camping Locations

The following sites have been inspected and approved by the Heart of America Council for Pack Camping:

Theodore Naish Scout Reservation

Bonner Springs, Kansas
Contact: (913) 422-1035

Operated by the Heart of America Council, the Naish Scout Reservation and it's Cub World facility has over gone some major improvements over the past several years. Improvements include, the Cub World facility which is available for Cub Scout Packs to reserve for their Pack Overnighters and Family Camping experience. The new facility has a dining shelter, showers, restrooms, and campsite areas. In addition, packs can plan their Cub Scout overnight program around the four theme areas of Cub World, which include the Lost Mine, Indian Village, the Castle, and the Stockade. The Cub World area also is host to a Pirate Ship Mini Water Park, which packs may also reserve for their use during the summer season. Naish Scout Reservation and Cub World will not be available for pack use during the summer when Bear Camp is in session.

H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation

Osceola, Missouri
Contact: (417) 646-8115

Operated by the Heart of America Council, the Bartle Scout Reservation offers two different options for your pack's outdoor adventure. You may choose to bring your own tents and conduct a traditional overnight camping experience in the primitive Pioneer Trails area of the reservation. Or, you may want to plan your camping experience in a non-traditional setting by requesting the use of one of our Staff Villages to camp in a cabin and have a shelter to prepare you meals and conduct your activities. The reservation offers hiking trails and access to Truman Lake if fishing is part of your Cub Scout adventure. The reservation is not available for Cub Scout Camping during June, July and August due to the operation of the Boy Scout summer camping program.

George Owens Nature Park

1601 Speck Rd, Independence, Missouri
Contact: Park Staff — (816) 325-7115

Operated by the City of Independence Parks and Recreation Department, George Owens Nature Park offers a handy location for your pack's outdoor activity. Limited camping is available and the park offers several nature trails and two fishing lakes to plan your Cub Scout programs around. In addition, the park offers many nature programs that are great for your Cub Scouts and their families.

Camp Bromelsick

Lawrence, Kansas

Operated by the Bromelsick Foundation, Camp Bromelsick offers a unique facility to the Packs in Douglas County. Due to special requirements placed on the use of this camping area, Cub Scout Packs should contact Mark Brayer at the Heart of America Council Office prior to making arrangements for it's use.

Rotary Youth Camp

22310 Colburn Road
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Phone: (816) 524-0923
Contact: Laurie Mozler, Camp Director

Rotary Youth Camp is owned and operated by Rotary Club 13 of Kansas City, Missouri. The camp offers both a tent camping area or use of non-heated cabins. Being located next to Lake Jacomo, it offers a perfect location for units to use the trails and other program feature operated by Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department.

Wyandotte County Lake

91st and Leavenworth Road
Kansas City, Kansas
Phone: (913) 596-7077
Contact: Park Ranger

Wyandotte County Parks and Recreation permits camping in the Scout Area, but limits it to Packs or Troops from Wyandotte County only. With it's location near Wyandotte County Park, it offers some special opportunities for packs to participate in some of the programs offered at the park, such as fishing, train rides, and hay-rides.

Bloomington Park

Clinton Lake
Phone: (785) 843-7665
Contact: Park Ranger

Bloomington Park is a public use area managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers at Clinton Lake, with campsites available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and open for camping from April 1 to October 15. You must register at the park attendant station, located at the entrance to the camping area. Shelters and group camping areas must be reserved 24 hours in advance by calling the park.


Douglas County, Kansas

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Kansas City, Kansas
Phone: (785) 842-8562
Contact: Park Ranger

Clinton State Park has two campgrounds, with a total of 404 sites, 240 of them with electricity and water. The park also offers trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds.