• Complete the Commissioner Basic Training sessions: "Why Commissioners?", "Units: The Commissioner's Greatest Priority", and "How to Help a Unit", outlined in Commissioner Basic Training Manual.
  • Complete Personal coaching orientation including the orientation projects.
  • Roundtable Commissioners also complete basic training for Cub Scout or Boy Scout roundtable commissioners and staff. 


Complete three years as a registered commissioner within a five year period.


Earn the Arrowhead Honor Award for your position.

Council Commissioner and Assistants:

  • Work with your Scout executive or other staff adviser and evaluate all district commissioners in the council;
  • Have an active, effective district commissioner in every district of the council;
  • Develop and put into action a suitable recruiting plan throughout the council;
  • Achieve a ratio in the council of one commissioner for every three units;
  • Chair or actively take part in six council commissioner meetings;
  • Give leadership to a council commissioner conference or other major event; and
  • In consultation with the Scout executive, select and carry out a major project in the council.

Commissioners assuming a new commissioner position are encouraged to complete the Arrowhead Honor projects for the new position.

* Note:  This award can be earned from different programs. For this award a miniature device pins can be worn which indicates the program phase where the award was earned. One does not wear multiple copies of the same square knot, but can wear multiple miniature device pins on a square knot.