Let’s Do Some Recruiting!

If you are a parent trying to find a Scouting opportunity for your child in Eastern Jackson County, please contact us at 816-942-9333 or e-mail one of the contacts listed.  We can help you find the right fit for your child.  You can also visit www.beascout.org to find a pack, team, troop, or crew close to you.

Are you a Unit Leader or Volunteer?

Click here to access some of the great recruiting materials available from the Heart of America  Council.

WEBELOS To Scout Transition

Packs and Troops, there is a anew streamer for your unit for successfully transitioning your Webelos from the Pack to the Troop.  There are separate requirements for Packs and Troops to complete in order to earn the award.

Webelos Transition Information

If you have any questions contact:

Joe Wilkinson
Membership Chairman

Jon Wilson
District Director
(816) 569-4985

Kevin Williams
District Executive
(816) 569-4954