Scouting 500 App 

Available Now
Aug 30, 2017 Categories: Scouting 500

From breaking news to event extras, our new Scouting 500 app is your ultimate source for Scouting's premier event. Available for IOS and Android, this FREE app will keep you connected and help you explore the Scouting 500.

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Scouting 500 Featured Activities 

September 22-24 - Kansas Speedway
Aug 28, 2017 Categories: Scouting 500

What activities are there for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts to do at the Scouting 500? We've compiled the complete list of activities in advance of the big event.

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Adventures in Scouting Newsletter 

August-September (Volume 22 - Number 4)
Aug 15, 2017 Categories: adventures in scouting

Get the latest Kansas City Scouting news with Adventures in Scouting. Our August-September edition includes a special salute to summer, new Scouting 500 details and much more!

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E-NEWS Monthly - August 2017 

Heart of America Council Digital Newsletter
Aug 12, 2017 Categories: ENEWS

Stay up-to-date with the latest council news and events with E-NEWS Monthly. Be the first to find out what's happening in our local Scouting communities and get access to special Scout offers.

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Kansas Scouts Learn True Meaning of “Be Prepared” 

Save Scout Leader During High Adventure Trip
Aug 03, 2017 Categories: high adventure

It was day four, just past the midpoint; but this high adventure trip to the Boundary Waters was just getting started and this evening would test a Kansas troop’s strength and ability. 

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