Lester Ham

Directing Medicine Man Four Shields

Eighty Thousand. That is a lot of anything. Do you think this number would surprise the founders of Mic-O-Say? H. Roe Bartle knew he had created something unique and special amongst Scouters. During the last eighty-seven years there were significant challenges that Mic-O-Say survived and gained strength as a result. Can you image the turmoil when H.Roe Bartle “Chief” stepped down as Scout Executive to become Mayor of Kansas City? Everyone wondered if Mic-O-Say was strong enough to survive. Think of the gloom and wonder in 1973 when the Chief died. Certainly, Mic-O-Say would collapse without its leader. That was a difficult time; the Tribe grew.

The Tribe grew to eighty thousand members during fifth session of 2016. We have grown from a few rows of logs in a council ring out in the woods to an amphitheater that holds well over a thousand members. We have grown from a notebook to record tribesmen, to a sophisticated database to manage our program. We have grown in our conviction to uphold those ideas important to each Tribesman. Although our membership is now over 80,000 the strength of the program is the relationships we build and the commonality that is shared by all. It has indeed been a good Mic-O-Say Summer.

Dick Brown

Recording Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear

During the 5th session of the 2016 H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation summer camp, a new Brave from Camp Sawmill became number 80,000 in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Number 75,000 was reached 6th session 2012. The final number for the summer was 80,271. Another highlight for the Tribe occurred 2nd session as the new Chief Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, Mike Surbaugh, visited Bartle and was named a Honorary Chieftain in the Tribe. He chose Iron Mountain Wolf for his name. He had many positive comments about the Reservation and the Mic-O-Say program.

The 2016 camping season began May 20 and 21 with the Tribal Celebration. The Chieftain Ceremony began with the elevation of 25 Sachems, 5 Keepers of the Wampum, 3 Sagamores and 1 Medicine Man. The evening closed with the elevation of Medicine Man Fast Running Silver Fox, Jim Hayes, to Presiding Chieftain.

During the six sessions of camp, the Blue Elk Records Center sent forth the calls for 1252 new Tribesmen. This included six Bartle Braves and 3 Geiger Braves who participated in the Honorary program to complete their journey to Warrior in the Tribe. Calls were made for 844 Foxmen, 826 Braves, 758 Warriors, 304 Honorary Warriors and 122 Honored Women. Additional calls were made in Lone Bear Council Ring for 458 Firebuilders, 275 Tom-Tom Beaters, 138 Runners, 92 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 47 Shaman. With the Tribal Council elevations of staff throughout the summer plus Tribal Cerebration, the total Tribal Council elevations for 2016 was 42 Sachems, 6 Keepers of the Wampum, 3 Sagamores, 1 Medicine Man and 2 Chieftains. The list of Tribal Council elevations can be found on the 2016 Tribal Council Elevations page.

Coups were awarded at opening night campfires in each camp. Tribesmen were awarded 296 Eagle Scout Coups, 116 Religious Award Coups and 122 Den Chief Coups. Three hundred fifty-three Coup of the Long Trail were presented before Brave and Warrior ceremonies and 448 young Tribesmen returned to the Reservation for the first time since becoming a Warrior to receive their first pair of Coveted Coup.

The training team was busy in 2016 with 52 Tribesmen attending New Sachem Orientation and 180 attending Tribal Council Refresher Training. A new version of the Tribal Council Reflections after Brave Resolutions was implemented, was well attended and received many positive comments.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who made 2016 another successful year for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

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