2015 Year in Review

Lester Ham

Directing Medicine Man Four Shields

Greetings! What a great summer at the H. Roe Bartle Reservation. I witnessed many events and moments that were truly inspiring. One of the events lasted all six sessions and could be described as one of the seven wonders of our Reservation. New to that list would be the addition of a third level to SheSheBe Council Ring. Called Warriors from each session contributed to the construction of the expansion. They were guided by a special group of Tribesmen throughout the summer. The Warrior Work Crew Leaders have led many significant projects over the last thirteen summers and the strong message they provide working side by side with young men is significant. The ultimate goal of this project was to create an opportunity for a more meaningful experience for Braves, Warriors, Honorary Warriors and Honored Women by adding space between the stations, not more stations. This goal was achieved and a big Thank you to all the Called Warriors and Warrior Work Crew Leaders.

The summer was full of rich experiences. How meaningful it was when the Called Honorary Warrior, Brigadier General Paul W. Tibbets, greeted each new recipient of the Military Coup. It was a very special moment in our Tribe’s rich history. Other rich moments include watching the Shaman and young Tribal Council members deliver the important stories told in Lone Bear Council Ring. The stories were delivered in a different format and provided additional explanation for each part of our ceremony. Call Nights also garnered additional attention this year. The Camp Staff worked hard in each camp to provide a high level of energy and excitement each session. There are many great people that contributed to the success of the summer; The Warrior Work Crew Leaders, the Mic-O-Say Advisors and Leadership, Camp Leadership, Blue Elk Lodge Staff and MOS Counselors, Ceremonial Lighting and Sound Crew, SheSheBe and Reflections Leadership, MOS Grounds Crew, The Tribal Celebration Team…..and the list goes on and on. The results of the summer were the combined efforts of many dedicated Tribesmen and their strong belief in the lifelong benefits of our program. Thank you!

It was indeed a good year and we look forward to continuing the strong traditions in the next camping season.


Dick Brown

Recording Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear

This summer was another exciting camping season for the Tribe and the Blue Elk Records staff as we welcomed 1,316 new tribesmen.  There were 909 young men earn the single claw and pouch of a Brave while 787 Braves earned the double claws of a mighty Warrior.  Three hundred and one men and 106 women went through the Honorary Warrior and Honored Women program. Nine of these men were Braves who returned to Bartle to complete their journey to Warrior.  During the sixth session, a new Brave received the tribal number 79,000.

Paint elevations included 461 Firebuilders, 226 Tom Tom Beaters, 149 Runners, 66 Keepers of the Sacred Bundles, 66 Shamans, 45 Sachems, 10 Keepers of the Wampum, 3 Sagamores, 3 Medicine Men and 1 Chieftain. The list of Tribal Council elevations can be found on the 2015 Tribal Council Elevations page.

During the Chieftain Ceremony at the Tribal Celebration, Gary Cover was elevated to Presiding Chieftain Lone Towering Pine and Scott Smith (Keeper of the Wampum Son of Spirit Fire) was presented the Silver Coups for his outstanding service to the Tribe.

This year saw Tribesmen receive 314 Eagle Coups, 180 Religious Coups and 309 Coup of the Long Trail. The Den Chief Coup was awarded for the first time in 2014 and 120 Tribesmen received this recognition for working with a Cub or Webelos Den for one program year. Additionally, 445 Warriors under the age of 18 returned to the Reservation for the first time since becoming a hardway warrior and received their First Coveted Coup. Congratulations to everyone for helping make 2015 a successful year.


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