2014 Year in Review

Dave Woodman

Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

“My work is done”, so goes the opening line of the Song of Mic-O-Say. How appropriate that is for me as I end my service as your Directing Medicine Man and the Lone Star Advisor. It has been a challenging but rewarding eleven years. I have been challenged to the best of me and can only hope that you have not found me wanting.

As I reflect back on those years I remember the Called Brave and Warrior work days where so much was accomplished. I remember the ceremonies where the Warriors danced and the Called Braves exhibited their determination to become Tribesmen of Mic-O-Say. I remember the wonderful and loyal friends I had the chance to associate with. They are wonderful memories and I depart knowing that I was strengthened by my Eagle Claws.

I would ask that the 2014 Braves set aside either the last Saturday in January or the last Saturday in February and plan to attend one of the meetings held especially for them. The meetings begin at 9 a.m., and will conclude by noon. You will be able to receive assistance with your Warrior attire as well as reviewing your Resolutions.

Always keep your Resolutions in your heart and your mind. Know that from SheSheBe the world looks much smaller and you can better understand your potential. The Tribe will bring out the best in you if you give it the opportunity.

I am privileged to have served you and want to offer all of you my thanks for your support and friendship. This summer went by all too rapidly. I charge you to always keep your minds and hearts open and always let your life reflect the values of a true Tribesman.


Dick Brown

Recording Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear

The 2014 camping season continued the transition to the new database as more features were added that allowed more information to be captured and reported. Many Tribesmen updated their personal information by email, online through the Mic-O-Say website or visiting Blue Elk Records Center in person. The goal of the Blue Elk staff is to collect current addresses, birth dates, current troop numbers, phone numbers and email addresses. This will ensure the correct identity of Tribesmen as well as improve the mailing of the Cedar Smoke. The staff also wants to record and recognize the passing of all Tribesmen. If you are aware of the passing of any Tribesmen, either recently or in the past that may not have been reported, please send the name and date of death as well as any other information that would help correctly identify the correct Tribesmen to the Recording Medicine Man at recmedman@gmail.com.

This summer 983 Scouts were called as Foxmen and began the trail that will lead them to being called as Braves in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. This was the largest number of Foxmen since 2006. There were 910 young men called to be Braves this year; this number represents the most since 2004. Another 749 braves returned to Bartle to become Hardway Warriors. This was the largest number of warriors since 2008. Although these numbers are a good sign, the Tribe must continue to encourage Scouts to attend Bartle and Cubs to move on to Boy Scouts.

Three hundred and twenty-five men and 92 women went through the Honorary Warrior and Honored Women program. Eleven of the men were Braves who returned to Bartle to complete their journey to Warrior. The numbers for 2014 made 1316 new Tribesmen at Bartle which is the highest number since 2007.

Paint elevations included 371 Firebuilders, 245 Tom Tom Beaters, 119 Runners, 90 Keepers of the Sacred Bundles, 41 Shamans, 41 Sachems, 9 Keepers of the Wampum, 4 Sagamores, 3 Medicine Men and 1 Chieftain. The list of Tribal Council elevations can be found on the 2014 Tribal Council Elevations page.

Bill Esry was elevated to Presiding Chieftain Little Brother Speeding Spear at the Chieftains Ceremony during the Tribal Celebration.

This year saw Tribesmen receive 257 Eagle Coups, 161 Religious Coups and 420 Coup of the Long Trail. The Den Chief Coup was awarded for the first time in 2014 and 78 Tribesmen received this recognition for working with a Cub or Webelos Den for one program year. Additionally, 393 Warriors under the age of 18 returned to the Reservation for the first time since becoming a hardway warrior and received their First Coveted Coup. Congratulations to everyone for helping make 2014 a successful year.











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