2013 Year in Review

Dave Woodman

Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

The ceremonial smoke has lifted and the embers of our fires of friendship and warmth have cooled. Autumn is upon us, marking the beginning of a new school year and a new year of Scouting. Many opportunities will open up to all Tribesmen to fulfill their heart’s resolutions. Be alert to recognize those opportunities and quick to act upon them.

As I look back on the past summer I am filled with many good and happy memories; the fourth session Warriors who worked so hard to present the “Dance of Joy” in a manner never before seen; the many work projects completed by the Called Braves and Called Warriors and the overall outstanding performances by those groups.

Never to be overlooked was the hard work of the camp staff in their presentations on the paint trail and the point. Their work is significant and appreciated by all who traveled that trail. Accolades also go out to the Firebuilders, Tom-Tom Beaters and Runners who contributed so much to the overall program.

Looking ahead, we will again be offering meetings for our new Braves and their parents. The dates have been set: January 25 and February 22. The January 25 meeting will be held at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Lee’s Summit. The hours will be from 9am to 1pm. We are still finalizing a location for the February 22 meeting.

Let me say that one of the things I am most proud of in my life is my Mic-O-Say involvement. The program of the Tribe allows time for the young men involved to explore the vastness of their own capabilities. From the Point, Tribesmen can see the world and themselves as they never have before. I am privileged to have served as your Directing Medicine Man and Lone Star Advisor. The summer went by all to rapidly. I offer my thanks to all of you for making this summer so memorable. I look forward to another.

Finally, to Dave’s Boys, you were very special.


Dick Brown

Recording Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear

The 2013 camping season saw the beginning of the Mic-O-Say transition from the old Access database to a new database with greater potential for the Tribe's records. It was put to the test with another year of encouraging numbers as shown below.

The largest group was the 947 Foxmen who proudly hung a medicine stick around their neck for the first time. Next came the 880 who became tribesmen as new Braves. Six hundred sixty-one Braves returned to complete their journey to wear the double claws of a Warrior.

Three hundred thirty-two men completed the program to become Honorary Warriors in the tribe. Of that number, 11 had earlier entered the tribe as Braves and finally returned to the Reservation to complete their journey to Warrior. Seventy-one women also entered the tribe as Honored Women. The Honorary Warriors, Honored Women, and new Braves gave us 1272 new tribesmen.

Paint advancements included 404 Firebuilders, 220 Tom Tom Beaters, 148 Runners, 53 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 54 Shamans. In the Tribal Council, 34 became Sachems, 9 Keepers of the Wampum, 4 Sagamores, and 3 Medicine Men. The list of Tribal Council elevations can be found on the 2013 Tribal Council Elevations page.

Casey Halsey was elevated to Presiding Chieftain Quaking Cottonwood at the Chieftains Ceremony during the Tribal Celebration.

Four hundred and nine young Warriors under the age of 18 returned to the Bartle Scout Reservation for their sixth year of camping to receive their first pair of Coveted Coup. This is an impressive number that explains why the Heart of America Council is one of the top councils in the retention of campers.

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