2012 Year In Review


Dave Woodman

Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

The council fires have turned to ash and the ceremonial drums are silent. Once again, it is the end of a camping season and the end of Tribal activities for 2012.

As I look back, I continue to be impressed with the quality of the new Braves. Their understanding of the Tribe and their personal qualities give me much hope for our future. I also witnessed the same qualities in many of our new Honorary Warriors and Honored Women. Many of them expressed strong emotions after their induction.

Another highlight of the summer was the induction of the new Chief Scout Executive, Wayne Brock. A special ceremony was held during the day which concluded as he was named a Honorary Warrior. Later that same day, he was named a Honorary Chieftain of our Tribe. Special thanks go out to all the Tribesman who assisted in those ceremonies.

Also of note was the retirement of our Recording Medicine Man, Merlyn Grubb. For more than 20 years Merlyn served the Tribe and the Bartle Scout Reservation in an exemplary manner. We wish for him much happiness as he enjoys some free time.

Already plans are taking shape for the 2013 season. I look forward to your encouragement and participation. Have a great Scouting year and I anticipate greeting you once again on our Mic-O-Say Reservation.

Merlyn ​Grubb

Recording Medicine Man Deep Flowing River

The 2012 camping season had good numbers except for the three digit temperatures that we had much of the summer.

The largest group was the 906 Foxmen who proudly hung a medicine stick around their neck for the first time. Next came the 781 who became tribesmen as new Braves. Six hundred sixty-three Braves returned to complete their journey to the double claws of a Warrior.

Three hundred fifty-seven men completed the program to become Honorary Warriors in the tribe. Of those 11 had earlier entered the tribe as Braves and so will wear their claws hardway. Eighty-eight women also entered the tribe as Honored Women. The Honorary Warriors, Honored Women, and new Braves gave us 1215 new tribesmen. (For those of you adding the numbers remember that 11 of the Honorary Warriors were already tribesmen.)

Paint advancements included 394 Firebuilders, 235 Tom Tom Beaters, 95 Runners, 64 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 48 Shamans. In the Tribal Council, 34 became Sachems, 8 Keepers of the Wampum, 4 Sagamores, and 1 Medicine Man. The list of Tribal Council elevations can be found on the 2012 Tribal Council Elevations page.

David Frantze was elevated to Presiding Chieftain Silver Blue River at the Chieftains Ceremony during the Tribal Celebration. Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive, was named Honorary Chieftain Eagle From The Croatan at Warrior Ceremony during fifth session.

Four hundred twenty-eight young tribesmen returned to the Bartle Scout Reservation for their sixth year of camping to receive their first pair of Coveted Coup. This is an impressive number.

A milestone for the Tribe was observed during sixth session when a new Brave received 75,000 as his tribal number.