The 2011 camping season is memorable and not just for the excessive heat. The report from the Recording Medicine Man will no doubt include the numbers of new Tribesmen. I wish to report on their excellent attitudes and their understanding of what our Tribe of Mic-O-Say stands for. In my experience, I would rate the new Braves and the new Honoraries as outstanding. Truly the Tribe can look forward to their leadership in the years to come.

For those Tribesmen who were unable to come to camp this year there were a number of changes. One of those was the later starting time for ceremonies. We now begin our activities at 8:30 in Lone Bear. There were some minor changes in pre-ceremony activities on the Point for the Called Braves and a slight change in Brave Ceremony. The important lessons were strengthened with these changes. A new "Customs and Traditions" book was printed and a new handbook for new Braves was produced.

Recording Medicine Man Merlyn Grubb reports that 1,227 new members joined our Tribe in 2011. We welcomed 801 new Braves, 349 new Honorary Warriors and 77 Honored Women. We also recognized 855 Scouts as Foxmen and hope to see them return next summer to become Tribesmen.

Seven hundred and seven Braves took their next step by advancing to the rank of Warrior. A total of 851 young Tribesmen added new paint to their claws - 412 Firebuilders, 186 Tom-Tom Beaters, 140 Runners, 72 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 41 Shaman. Additionally, 60 Tribesmen received Tribal Council elevations.

The Silver Coup, also known as the Chiefs coup, was awarded to a dedicated Tribesman for special merit and outstanding service to the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Chief Strong Spirit (Kenn Miller) presented the Silver Coup to David Allen (Chieftain Laughing Cedar).

I am privileged to have served as your Directing Medicine Man and also as the Advisor in Lone Star. It continues to be a very special experience. I look forward to greeting you next summer on our beloved reservation.

Dave Woodman
Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

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