Once again we make the transition from the sessions at Bartle to the weekly Troop meetings and the monthly overnights. The influence of Mic-O-Say and the summer's ceremonies will help to make the Scouting program more effective and productive. The "Tribe" is a major contributor to the success of the Heart of America Council.

Those who were able to attend summer ceremonies would have noted the changes in the lighting program. Thanks to the generosity of Tribesmen, we are now able to adjust the lights via computer giving us much more control than was previously possible. Another addition was the "black light" used at closing. We hope to continue this part of our ceremony. Another addition to Lone Bear was the placement of the bear at the South entrance. This is helping to complete that part of our ceremonial grounds. It is our intent to add some plantings in this area of the ring as well.

Recording Medicine Man Merlyn Grubb reports that 1,302 new members joined our Tribe in 2010. We welcomed 872 new Braves, 357 new Honorary Warriors and 73 Honored Women. We also recognized 867 Scouts as Foxmen and hope to see them return next summer to become Tribesmen.

Seven hundred and twelve Braves took their next step by advancing to the rank of Warrior. A total of 892 young Tribesmen added new paint to their claws - 381 Firebuilders, 272 Tom-Tom Beaters, 133 Runners, 64 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 42 Shaman. Additionally, 71 Tribesmen received Tribal Council elevations.

The Silver Coup, also known as the Chiefs coup, was awarded to two dedicated Tribesmen for special merit and outstanding service to the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Chief Faithful Eagle (Tim Bugg) presented the Silver Coup to Dick Brown (Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear) and Terry Miller (Chieftain Least Painted Ground).

Many, many people contributed to our program's success this past summer. All of the adult Tribesmen who come down to lead the Warrior work days help to make that a meaningful experience. Special thanks go to Vince Barreto who led that group. Also, a hearty thank you to Adam Morton and Adam Howell who operated the lights and sound equipment. The Mic-O-Say program would not function as smoothly as it does without the oversight of Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear, Dick Brown. He is always to be found double checking to make sure the ceremony goes as planned. Accolades also go to Shannon Johnson who spent many late hours programming the lights and trouble shooting when things did not work as we had hoped. Mic Finn and Ed Gooseman did outstanding work as the MOS Advisors in Sawmill and Piercing Arrow. Please, all of the above, accept my appreciation and gratitude for your many contributions to the youth of our council.

I am privileged to have served as your Directing Medicine Man and also as the Advisor in Lone Star. It continues to be a very special experience. I look forward to greeting you next summer on our beloved reservation.

Dave Woodman
Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

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