YaTa Hey,

Once again it is my pleasure to greet you.  Looking back on the summer it becomes evident that many good things happened in our Mic-O-Say program.

We were able to utilize our magnificent new Lone Bear Council Ring for all ceremonies.  With the assistance of Ron Davis and Harvest Productions, the lighting scheme was improved.  It is our hope to do even more creative things with our lights in ceremony next year.

Throughout the summer our Presiding Chieftain, Chieftain Least Painted Ground (Terry Miller), continued to inspire us with his messages at the end of each ceremony.  We look forward to his continuing leadership.

A highlight of the summer was the elevation of Bruce Reed, Senior Medicine Man Flying Red Flame, to the Council of Chieftains. His knowledge of the program and its operation at camp will be invaluable.

Recording Medicine Man Merlyn Grubb reports that 1,237 new members joined our Tribe in 2009.  We welcomed 848 new Braves, 316 new Honorary Warriors and 73 Honored Women. We also recognized 945 Scouts as Foxmen and hope to see them return next summer to become Tribesmen. 

Six Hundred and Fifty-Six Braves took their next step by advancing to the rank of Warrior.  A total of 927 young Tribesmen added new paint to their claws - 471 Firebuilders, 220 Tom-Tom Beaters, 106 Runners, 74 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 56 Shaman.  Additionally, 71 Tribesmen received Tribal Council elevations

It was heartening to meet and greet many Tribesmen who were returning to the reservation after a long absence.  For those of you not able to return, you were missed.  Please make an effort to join with us in friendship and warmth during the next camping season.  Tribal traditions remain strong and the spirit of Mic-O-Say still lives in the hills and valleys of the mighty Osage.

It was a privilege to serve as Lone Star Mic-O-Say Advisor and your Directing Medicine Man.  Thanks to all who helped make the 2009 camping season successful.          

To our new Braves, remember the lessons taught and I look forward to seeing all of you next summer.

Dave Woodman
Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

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