YaTa Hey,

It is with pleasure that I greet you in this season of the falling leaves.  As I look back on this summer and its many significant events, it is with a sense of pride. Pride in that Tribesmen, united together in purpose and Brotherhood, helped to fund and build our magnificent new Lone Bear Council Ring.

The 2008 camping season began with our annual Tribal Celebration.  It was an exciting weekend with many activities and the rekindling of friendships from years gone by. At that celebration, William LaHue (Chieftain Swift Flying Knife), was named the 79th Presiding Chieftain.

Record setting rains delayed construction efforts and for the first 5 ceremonies (Staff Warrior and Warrior and Brave Ceremonies for sessions one and two) the ceremonial drum sounded and the fire was bright in Lone Star General Council Ring. Although space was at a premium, the general feeling was of intimate and meaningful ceremonies.

Third session saw us dedicating our new Lone Bear Council Ring with a special ceremony. At least 1,300 Tribesmen gathered to be a part of this historic and significant event. Also this session, Bob Mazzuca (Chieftain Eagle From The West), the Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts became an Honorary Chieftain of our Tribe. I believe that he left our reservation with a new appreciation and understanding of our Tribe.

Recording Medicine Man Merlyn Grubb reports that 1224 new members joined our Tribe in 2008. Of these, 790 were new Braves, 348 new Honorary Warriors, and 86 Honored Women. We also recognized 930 Scouts as Foxmen and hope to see them return next year to become tribesmen.

Seven hundred fifty-two Braves took their next step by advancing to the rank of Warrior. A total of 875 young Tribesmen added new paint their claws – 404 Firebuilders, 216 Tom Tom Beaters, 136 Runners, 78 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle and 41 Shamans.

Throughout the summer, Sixty-two Tribesmen received Tribal Council elevations.

For those of you not able to return to our reservation this summer, you were missed.  Do not let another summer pass without making a visit to Bartle to renew the bonds of friendship and warmth in She-She-Be and your new Lone Bear. You will find that the traditions are strong and Mic-O-Say is thriving in the hills and valleys of the mighty Osage.

I was privileged to serve as both your Directing Medicine Man and the Lone Star Mic-O-Say Advisor. I give you my thanks (especially the new Braves) for being a part of a very special summer experience.

Dave Woodman
Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk

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